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WWE 2K22 Bug Resolution Guide: List of Errors and Fixes

Collection of different errors and their fixes as shared in the wider community.

This is an attempt at writing a guide to list all errors that people seem to be facing with WWE 2K22 on the PC and also listing the possible and popular resolutions that have helped people tide over those errors.

A single step or a combination of the steps following each error might work for you. If you want any steps added against a particular error or need to have a new error listed here that isn’t on the list then please feel free to comment or reach out.

Double Speed Gameplay Fix

If you have the problem that your game speed is doubled for few seconds sometimes, just go to Options > Extras > Graphic Settings and Enable “Timed Game Update”

Change button controller layout to PS4

If you want to change the xbox controller layout prompt to PS4 controller layout prompt in the game then
In Steam General Control Settings, make sure that PlayStation Configuration Support is not checked. The game will now show PS4 controller prompt in game.

Can’t get past the Title Screen (Press any button)

Try the below steps or a combination of these

  • Use integrated graphics if you are using a dedicated graphics card to play the game (Graphic Card Control Panel)
  • Play in Window mode rather than full screen. (Alternatively use ALT+Enter to go full screen after starting in window mode) (You can do this in config file in the game folder inside documents folder)
  • Decrease the resolution (You can do this in config file in the game folder inside documents folder)
  • Turn off shadows (You can do this in config file in the game folder inside documents folder)
  • Turn off VSync (You can do this in config file in the game folder inside documents folder)
  • Turn refresh rate of display to 60hz using Windows Advanced Display Settings (Windows Settings)

Also refer to Section – Controller not working

Update – An user posted this as working solution
Go to config file -> under [rate] section the denominator text, equal to a the value 6127330. You DELETE THAT VALUE and instead of it YOU WILL WRITE 2556032 (which is the value from WWE 2K19 and that seems to work with WWE 2K22).
denominator = 2556032
numerator = 368140000
This should resolve the press any button problems, and no need to change the refresh rate.

Also, if you do this, from now on you will need to change video settings from this notepad if you want to, to be sure the value won’t reset back to the old one. So, also, still in the config file, you go down below and you will see another text called “windowed” and set it to no for full screen, and there you go. Fullscreen, with working controls and your default refresh rate.

Game crashes at any point in any mode

Custom Content. Remove it from Deletion Utility.
The notion is that there is a limit of 280 images or 100 mb file size overall. Custom superstars, arenas, titles and other stuff including shows all make use of images. This causes the game to crash as of patch 1.05. It appears that creating superstars locally does not result into the crash. However, many users have confirmed resolving the crash post deleting the created content. It can be done via Deletion Utility and if the game crashes at that then head over to Online -> Custom Content -> Image Manager -> Local and check the option to delete images. It won’t crash when visited via this route.

Controller prompts not displaying

Use one of the following controllers – PS4, xBox, Steam

Controller stops working intermittently

Use Big Picture Mode
Make sure your controller is Player One
If possible use a PS4 / Xbox / Steam Controller

Game slows down in the middle of a match

  • On PC go to Documents/WWE2K22/Config.ini and then change value of “use_action_camera = 1” to “use_action_camera = 0”
  • Go options and turn off cutaways
  • Change the resolution (To whatever your system supported resolution is and works otherwise)
  • Turn off Shadows option (In game and confirm with game config file)
  • Toggle VSync on/off (as the case maybe for you and do this using graphics card control panel as well as game config file)
  • Lock game to 60 FPS in the graphics card control panel

Can’t change texture quality in graphics section of the game

Texture quality is based on resolution. 4k gets high, 1080p is standard.
Also some users think it is tied to the memory/vram on the card. Possibly if you have an nvidia card use DSR in the control panel you can upscale to 4k. Worth a try.

Low Space or Space in C Drive (System Drive) reduced post game installation and initiation

PreBakeCache.bin is a file that the game creates and can go over 12 GB depending on your game. This file holds all the information on lighting calculations as real time ray tracing is very demanding on GPU hence pre baked and cached so the game can read it. If you delete it then the game will regenerate it.
You can find this file in (generally)
C:UsersyournameAppDataLocalWWE 2K22
If you want to move this for whatever reason then read up on hard linking on Windows or if you can sync the file from another folder to tthis folder or use the below guide at your own risk
Have the entire folder point to another drive

  • 1. Manually cut and paste the folders or files to the new drive/directory you want them to be in:
    For example
    “E:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonWWE 2K22WWE 2K22”
  • 2. Make sure you delete the original files/folders:
    Generally “C:UsersyournameAppDataLocalWWE 2K22”
  • 3. Re-create a new WWE 2K22 folder in same place:
    “C:UsersyournameAppDataLocalWWE 2K22”
  • 4. From admin level command prompt run with the quotes:
    mklink /J “C:UsersyournameAppDataLocalWWE 2K22” “E:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonWWE 2K22WWE 2K22”
  • 5. Verify directory sizes, launch game.

Game shows Xbox controller prompts when using PS4 (or other controller)

That is how it is programmed. No known fix or workaround exists. Have to just get used to it for now.

Where can I find the game save file

If you want to delete or backup your game save file then you can find it at the following location
On your hard drive go to your steam install folder
It is usually in C Drive Program Files and follow the path
Steamuserdata(Your profile code)1255630remote

Community Contribution

This section lists down any contributions that come from other users in the community

Originally posted by Aikido:

Add these issues and solutions and advisories:

1) Some users have reported crashing in all modes caused by CAS loading is resolved by ensuring CAS all have active portraits (custom, or just menu screen poses,) rather than being blank. Unknown why this is the case, but multiple users have confirmed it resolves their issue.

2) Sometimes if you upload an image via the wwe2k.com website while the game is running, and then attempt to enter Image Manager to download it in-game the game will softlock. Quitting and restarting the game resolves this issue.

3) Sometimes when deleting unused images via the Deletion Utility, the game will begin to crash to desktop when attempting to edit superstars in CAS. Deleting some CAS appears to resolve this issue. (An example: a friend of mine had a consistently reproducible crash when selecting Edit Superstar after deleting unused images, but upon deleting some of their CAS, the crashes disappeared.)

P.S. Additional known issues for which no fixes currently exist:

One eye in CAS can become frozen/immovable in Face Region.

Superstars on Community Creations will return an error stating that the user needs to purchase or unlock an already unlocked/purchased superstar in-game before they can be downloaded.

Custom images applied to clothing items will sometimes be deleted via the delete unused items option in the Deletion Utility, despite being actively used.

Using the Delete All Unused option in the Deletion Utility will sometimes result in the game failing to recognize that the items in question were deleted, and then refusing to permit download of Community Creations using those items, due to thinking the user already has them.

Written by Y2K

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