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X4: Foundations – Assigning Staff and Subordinates

Assigning Staff and Subordinates

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To assign a Manager to a station the player will need to hire a Crewman/Crewoman from a platform and right click a player owned ship docked at the current station in the Property Owned menu before assigning them to a role as a Service Crew or Marine in the Selected Role tab on the right and clicking Hire. Alternatively crew can be obtained using the Upgrade Ship order at a Wharf, Shipyard or Equipment Dock. The ship with the crew must then fly to the player owned station and the crew member right clicked under the Information tab for the ship to select Comm before clicking “Work somewhere else for me” and selecting the player owned station in the Property Owned menu to have them assigned to the role of Manager under the Selected Role tab. To assign a Manager requires the station to have at least one Dock and Production type module.

Every crew member can be assigned into any role as long as the ships they go to or come from are currently docked. Of course a marine may not be the best manager, unless he learns the right skills.

To add a subordinate ship to a station simply select the ship then right click the station in the Property Owned menu and choose one of the Assign Role for options.

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  1. yeah this doesn’t work. I have 100 crew on board a freighter and whenever I try to have them “work somewhere else” and select the station, it says that this person cannot work there.


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