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X4: Foundations – Audio Signals and Data Leaks

Audio Signals And Data Leaks

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When approaching a station there is a chance Audio Signals and Data Leaks will spawn at specific hardpoints on modules. These can be repaired using the Repair Laser of the Space Suit to earn some notoriety with the faction which owns the station or scanned for other benefits. Audio Signals will reveal hidden missions when scanned while Data Leaks can grant temporary station wide discounts or commissions for specific wares. There is even a chance to obtain a free Blueprint for the module with the Data Leak when scanned. The probability of obtaining rewards when scanning data leaks is dependent on the type of Data Leak and the type of scanner used to scan it with. This means not all Blueprints can be obtained using ships to scan the Data Leaks and using the Spacesuit Scanner yields the best results.

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