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X4: Foundations – How to Hack Data Vaults

A short guide on how to find and use Data Vaults.

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Finding Data Vaults

Data Vaults are located in space and show up as a purple ping when using the Lon-rang scanner. So far I have only seen them in Asteroid fields so you can focus on those areas to start with. Once You have a ping just fly toward it till you find the Vault.

Fixing the Vault

In order to get the data out of the vault you need to get the vault back online. To do this first get your ship close to the vault than get out of your ship. You will need a repair laser for this part. Look for panels that are lit up in red and say presser leak detected(see first image). Just get close enough to hit it with your laser to fix it. It will turn green and say status ok (see second image). Some of these will make the solar panels align with the sun while others will open small hatches that can contain other panels that need repaired or containers you can pick up. Ones all the panels are repaired one finale hatch will open.

Getting the data

Now that the last hatch has opened fly over to it with you scanner going. (Default key-bind is shift+2) You will hear the static on the coms as you get closer to the spot. You will see some broken wires with a red mess of lights above them, just point towards that mess and slowly approach until you get the data.

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