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X4: Foundations – Loadout Options

Loadout Options

Main engines (determines ship max linear speed and acceleration):

  • All-Round: Available for all ships with no weaknesses
  • Combat: Available for S and M ships, sacrificing Travel Mode speed for improved Standard and Boost speed
  • Travel: Available for S and M ships, sacrificing Boost speed for Travel Mode speed

Thrusters (determines how fast a ship yaws/turns, pitches, rolls and strafes):

  • All-Round: Available for all ships with no weaknesses
  • Combat: Available for S and M ships, sacrificing yaw/turning for better pitching and rolling

Shield Generators (determine the shield capacity and regeneration rate for protecting the hull damage):

  • Some Engines, Weapons and Turrets may be grouped with shields that protect them

Main Guns and Gun Turrets (main weapons come in S and M variants, while Turrets come in M and L):

  • Beam: Low damage damage but accurate beam
  • Bolt Repeater: Rapid fire weapon that does high burst damage but has poor heat management
  • Ion Blaster: Argon weapon for removing shields without causing a lot of hull damage
  • Plasma Cannon: Long range weapon with a slow projectile speed
  • Pulse Laser: All rounder with a good balance of damage, range, fire rate, accuracy and heat management
  • Shard Battery: Launches a short range burst of multiple high damage projectiles which moderately scatter at longer distances

Missile Turrets (M and L size)

  • Dumbfire Launcher: Launches Dumbfire and Cluster consumables as missile projectiles
  • Torpedo Launcher: Launches Torpedo consumables as missile projectiles
  • Tracking Launcher: Launches EMP, Guided, Heatseeker, Smart and Swarm consumables as missile projectiles
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Other weapons

  • Mining Drill: Weak beam that does bonus damage to Asteroids (main gun and turret)
  • Destroyer Main Battery: Only available to destroyers and are locked to the ship type


  • Docking Computer: MK1 visualises positional corrections required to land at a dock while MK2 makes the corrections automatically
  • Flight Assist Software: Mandatory upgrade (assists by automatically compensating for drift when using Flight Assist Mode)
  • Long-range Scanner Software: Mandatory upgrade (see below)
  • Object Scanner: Mandatory upgrade with Scan Mode (Basic Scanner gains info about ships and modules, and obtain discounts and commissions from data leaks; Police Scanner gains further info about objects, and can obtain Blueprints from some data leaks)
  • Targeting Computer Extension: Allows the targeting of small objects (e.g. debris and containers) via the HUD and radar
  • Trading Computer Extension: Maintains a link to trade info offered by recently-visited stations for a limited period

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