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X4: Foundations Split Vendetta Map (Update 3.0)

X4: Split Vendetta is the next chapter in the X4: Foundations story. This is the first big expansion for X4, greatly increasing the size of the universe and introducing two new Split family clans along with their economy, new ships, weapons and station modules.

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Along with the Update 3.0 to X4: Foundations, the X4: Split Vendetta expansion brings exciting new missions and adventures to the game. New gamestarts allow an even more varied experience in the biggest sandbox this side of the galaxy.

X4: Foundations Split Vendetta Map (Update 3.0)

Split Vendetta Map

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Split Vendetta Map

TRADE with the Split families or FIGHT against them. BUILD your own station designs based on the new modules and THINK carefully on your path through the new diplomatic missions.

Main Features:

  • New story missions and adventures with two new Split family clans.
  • Massive expansion of the universe.
  • Exciting new Split weapon technology.
  • Many new ships.
  • Lots of new station modules.

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