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X4: Foundations – Stations Guide


Scattered throughout the X-universe are numerous stations and more will be constructed while other will be destroyed as play progresses. Stations consume wares to manufacture other wares or build and equip ships. Trading Stations are special in that they will both buy and sell a range of wares. Defence Platforms provide a means for a faction to maintain ownership of a sector. Station Trade offers are only available to the player if owned assets have recently been near the station, or if the satellite coverage is maintained, or if a Trade Subscription has been purchased from a Faction;s representative.


Stations are constructed from multiple interconnected modules. Each module acts independently from the rest having an independent amount of hull and surface elements. NPC modules can be scanned to reveal information about the module, while player-owned station will show this by default. Modules are classed into Production, Build, Storage, Habitation, Defence, Dock and Other categories.

  • Production: Manufacture wares using other wares as resources.
  • Build: Produces, upgrades and repairs ships.
  • Storage: Stores excess resource and product wares
  • Habitation: Houses the station workforce
  • Defence: Heavily armed and durable modules for repelling attackers
  • Dock: Provides docking facilities which enable ships to dock at the station
  • Other: Struts and other connectors for linking modules together


Modules, Audio Signals and Data Leaks are scanned by setting the player ship or Space Suit to Scan Mode and facing the object to scan before flying close enough. With Audio Signals and Data Leaks the player needs to aim for the middle of the glowing red part while station modules can be scanned from any place on the module.

Audio Signals And Data Leaks

When approaching a station there is a chance Audio Signals and Data Leaks will spawn at specific hardpoints on modules. These can be repaired using the Repair Laser of the Space Suit to earn some notoriety with the faction which owns the station or scanned for other benefits. Audio Signals will reveal hidden missions when scanned while Data Leaks can grant temporary station wide discounts or commissions for specific wares. There is even a chance to obtain a free Blueprint for the module with the Data Leak when scanned. The probability of obtaining rewards when scanning data leaks is dependent on the type of Data Leak and the type of scanner used to scan it with. This means not all Blueprints can be obtained using ships to scan the Data Leaks and using the Spacesuit Scanner yields the best results.

Mass Traffic

When stations are large enough they will begin to generate mass traffic of smaller NPC ships that fly around the station along specific lanes. Some of these ships will be Police Vehicles which will deviate from the mass traffic lanes to scan random ships nearby for wares which are illegal to the faction which owns the sector. Failure to comply will cause the Police Vehicle to go hostile and attack the offending ship and may even lead to the whole station attacking the ship. Killing mass traffic is considered a hostile act by the owning faction. Mass traffic will occasionally spawn Criminal owned craft which can be killed without penalty and even earn notoriety with the faction which owns the station.


These allow ships to dock at stations. There are usually a mix of S and M size landing pads on the same docking modules while L and XL ships need to use piers. The availability of docking options can limit which ships can trade with a station.

Station Platforms

Docking modules that look small when seen from space appear vast when explored on foot. Each docking module has a unique layout from which the player can watch ships come and go. Automated safety systems prevent unoccupied landing pads from being walked on (if you find yourself trapped in a bay, look for escape ladders near regular exits). Player-owned ships can have their Ship Options displayed via interacting with the panel on the edge of the landing pad in front of the ship. In addition to docks, all stations have an Engineering Bay, Managers Office and a mission-unlocked Bar.

Elevators and transporters

Whilst travelators are available on larger docks, not all areas of all stations may be accessed on foot. The player may need to take an elevator or transporter to other areas. Elevators and transporter are used by interacting with control panels on the inside on the left. From left to right, elevators, transporters and the panel on the edge of the landing pads are ringed in the picture below.


Talk to the denizens of stations to ask for directions, progress missions, trade and to hire new staff for ships and stations.

Hidden Crates

Certain missions will require crates hidden on the station platforms to be found and collected by the player. These crates usually contain wares to progress the mission.

Climb On-board A Ship

The player can enter owned and friendly docked ships. If the player owns the ship it is possible to interact with the pilot seat ask the pilot to vacate their seat and let the player fly the ship while NPC owned ships will permit the player to be a passenger while they go about their business.


Open the Ship Interactions Menu and click Undock to begin your journey into space


The player can cripple station defences, shielding, repair, production, construction, trading or release stored wares by using Security Interface Units from the personal inventory on the respective panels in the Engineering Bay of a station.


In order to stay ahead of the competition a player with a Player Headquarters can undertake Research to unlock upgrades and perks to make their growing empire more effective. To research an upgrade click the Research menu (when unlocked at the Player HQ) and select a technology to research before clicking the Start Research button. If the player has the required wares available at the research facility the upgrade will be completed within the specified time.

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