X4 Foundations - Tips for Beginners

X4: Foundations – Tips for Beginners

Here are 12 tips that will make your first 20 hours of X4: Foundations more enjoyable. No Spoilers, just some useful info that you might never find out when just getting started.

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Tips for Beginners

1. Tutorials

It is really important to do tutorials in the beginning, they will clear up a lot of controls questions, but not all of course.

2. How to get missions

There are several ways to get missions:

  • Using the map interface.
  • Scanning the station signals.

Some missions are bugged and you will never be able to finish them, so don’t be afraid to abandon them.

3. Space break

  • Very useful tool, by default backspace. You can remap it if you want, you will use it a lot.

4. Target’s speed match

  • Shift + X will match your speed with the target. Useful at fights and following someone.

5. Autopilot

  • Shift + A. Took me about 5 hours to realise that I don’t need a special module for that lol.

6. Quicksaving and manual saves

  • Do those. Game might crash and you might lose hours of progress. Also make separate saves from time to time, cause people reported corrupting their savegames.

7. Scan modes, how to use them, hidden missions

  • Shift + 2 for close range scans. Look around stations for signals.
  • Shift + 3 for longrange scan then hold R. You will find a lot of stuff with that.

8. Illegal goods. How not to get caught

  • Yellow goods are illegal in most sectors.
  • If you are being scanned – boost away and fly to other sector. Should help.

9. Fast docking

  • Docking computer MK2 will help a lot. You can boost in the stations docking areas.

10. Upgrading ships tips

  • You can upgrade gradually one thing at a time.
  • Selling parts gives same credits you bought them for, 0 losses.
  • Travel Engine is OP, just as Docking computer MK2.

11. Buying a new ship tips

If you don’t have enough money – change parts on your old ship to the bare minimum.

  • Buy new ship.
  • Sell old ship.
  • Upgrade new ship.
  • Profit.

12. Fixing Bugs

If you can control your ship – ctrl + D to stand up and then sit back again. Should fix it. Most of the game bugs can be fixed with save-load.

I think my savegame is bugged, since there are almost no enemies everywhere.

Thanks for reading, I hope it was helpful!

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