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X4: Foundations – Vanilla savegames

In some cases the game might have problems starting a new game (f.e. we received reports where the universe generation continuously crashed on certain machines/environments). While we hope to have all of the causes resolved soon, we still want to provide players who are effected by issues like this to be able to start the game. To use one of our vanilla savegames, follow these steps:

1.Make sure that all instances of the game have been closed.

2.Open a Windows explorer window and enter the following path: “%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Egosoft\X4” (without the quotes)

a. If you are playing the game through Steam, you should see a subdirectory here consisting only of numbers (f.e. 1234567). This number corresponds to your SteamID. Switch to this subdirectory.

b. If you play the game through GOG, stay in the current directory

3. You’d see a “save” directory in the current folder. Switch to that directory.

4. Copy over the savegame you want to use from the following list and place it into that directory. If the file already exists, make a backup of your old savegame (if you want to) and overwrite the save with this downloaded one.

5. Start the game as usual and load the corresponding save.

Vanilla savegames

A note on the savegames

The provided savegames were taken with the English version of X4 1.31. This means that older versions of the game won’t be able to load these and if you are using a different localization of the game, you’d might run into cases where you see English names.

Also bare in mind that since loading a savegame always contains the same initial universe setup, using these saves will not provide the same variety compared to simply starting a new game.

In general we always suggest to simply start a new game by yourself and only revert to using these vanilla savegames as a last resort.

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