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XCOM Chimera Squad Can’t load, how to fix?

I have saved the game went to eat something so i close the game. Then when i opened the game again i cant find my save. It happens again now!

Can’t load, how to fix?

“It’s not the game doing this, it’s windows. I’ve had this issue with this and other programs (even photoshop).

Open Settings (the cog in the start menu)

  1. Then open Update and Security
  2. Then click on Windows Security where you click on Open Windows Security button
  3. Then a new window will open and you’ll click on the left side where it says Virus and Threat Protection
  4. Then you’ll click near the bottom of that page where it says Ransomeware Protection
  5. Then you click on Allow an app through Controlled folder access
  6. From here you can click on Add an allowed app which will drop down Browse or Recent
    app, you may even find xcom in the recent app section along with others.

I’ve found this was an issue for games like this, GTAIV, Just Cause 3, Far Cry 5, and Borderlands 3. Anywho I hope this has helped and enjoy the game!

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