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XCOM Chimera Squad How to Hire New Agents

Soon in the game, you need people to craft, and at least 4 people in the truck.
If one is hurted, tha gent is busy several days.

  • So, how to hire some new one?
  • I got one, at the tuto, but then?

How to Hire New Agents

You can’t hire generic recruits like in the previous games. Now you are offered a recruit while you progress through the story. And they’re not generic, they’re already specialized.

There is no injury time. Well not a real one but if you get heavily injured to get scars that reduce your stats that take like 2 days of training to remove. Game gives them to you after story missions. It’ll tell you when you can recruit more.

You get your 5th agent the first time you enter the armory. Other comes as you play the game.

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