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XCOM Chimera Squad Unrest and Choose Missions

Understand Unrest

There are two measures of City 31’s health: District Unrest and City Anarchy.

As District Unrest increases, the difficulty of that district’s Missions increases. If a district reaches maximum Unrest, City Anarchy will increase by one every day until you do something to lower it. When the City Anarchy gauge is full, you lose the game.

You have options to lower District Unrest: Completing Missions, using a Field Team Ability, or completing a Humanitarian Aid Spec Op all lower Unrest. You’ll find Field Team Abilities at the bottom of the City Map. Take these small, immediate steps when you can. Just focus on what’s available.

If there’s no Mission in a district or you don’t have any Field Team Abilities available, that’s OK, too. You can survive minor increases in Unrest and Anarchy, so you don’t have to tackle the hardest missions just because the district is colored red.

Choose Missions

Every Target (Missions and Situations) will reward you for completing it. Situations will reward you with a currency (Elerium, Intel, or Credits). Missions (because of the difficult combat involved) have better rewards – things like currencies, days taken off of projects (like Assemblies or Investigations), and sometimes even gear.

Think of these rewards as that next small step to quelling District Unrest and City Anarchy. Currencies and gear mean you’re better equipped for combat (and, therefore, more likely to survive and complete Missions). Days off of timelines mean a District’s Unrest has less time to foment City Anarchy.

Use the rewards to guide your choice, even if it means letting Unrest creep up elsewhere. Being better prepared means you’re better able to manage Unrest in the next Mission.

Written by Pontifex Maximus

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