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Yakuza 0 – 100% Achievement Guide

This is a guide on how to obtain all of the achievement. Note this guide contains spoilers.

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Story Achievements

These are the achievement obtained for normal story progression which are unmissable.

  • Nostalgic for the 80s
  • New Allies, New Foes
  • A Matter of Life or Death
  • Time to Say Goodbye
  • When It All Goes Wrong
  • The Big Reveal
  • A Familiar Name
  • Painful Reunion
  • Lamb in the Lion’s Den
  • Awakened and Unleashed

Chapter Specific Achievements

These are achievements that are only obtained on a certain chapter.

Chapter 2: Rich Taste

During Chapter 2 you’ll have to buy some booze for a group of homeless men, one of them will ask for Champage. Go to Don Quijote and purchase the Gold Champage worth 20k yen and give it to the homeless man.

Chapter 3: Smooth Criminal

In Chapter 3 you’ll need to get info on another Cabaret Club for story reasons. Do not enter the cabaret club immeditalely, there will be 3 NPCs you need to talk to for info, one is on the left bridge, another on intersection south of the right bridge and lastly one south of the club near the save point and taxi. After all 3 are talked to save before you enter, once inside the club you’ll be able to look around, inspect everything. If you have followed the instruction then you should have the achievement around the start of Chapter 4.

Chapter 5: Business Etiquette 101

In Chapter 5 you will met Oda at Cafe Alps for story, save before this. During this section you need to pick the correct options here they are:

  • Table near the back (4 chairs).
  • Take the nearest seat.
  • Order nothing.
  • Button prompt.

After the conversation is finished you’ll will earn the achievement.

Chapter 7: Best Served Cold?

During Chapter 7 you’ll need to get some nice warm takoyaki but instead of running back once you get it, just do nothing or at least do something other than the story. After 15 minutes the food will go cold and you’ll get the achievement.

Chapter 10: It Takes Two

During Chapter 10 there will be a long battle at the Tojo HQ. During this long battle you will have assistance from Oda and Tachibana, when one of them grabs an enemy you can perform a heat action (You may want to bring some heat restoring items just in case), simply perform three of these and you’ll get the achievement.

Chapter 12: They Won’t Mind

During Chapter 12 there will be a long battle in an inn, near the end of it you will fight a man dual-wielding fans. After you defeat him do not go up the stairs, instead go to the area next to it and you’ll see a safe, keep hitting it until it opens. Once it opens you’ll get the achievement.

Chapter 13: Big Hair in the Crosshairs (Missable)

In Chapter 13 there will be a car chase where you need to shoot at a bunch of guys chasing you down. around halfway through there will be a man in a car wearing a white suit and a massive afro, use Heat Eye to slow down time and take him out quickly to earn the achievement.

Chapter 15: Hitting the Bottle (Missable)

In Chapter 15 you’ll fight Nishiki at Serena, during the fight there will be a QTE, fail it. Failing the QTE will get you hit in the head by Reina and thus earn the achievement.

Kiryu’s Business

President Kiryu

Partway through Chapter 5 you will start Kiryu’s business, real estate royale. This business is more inactive compared to Majima’s but some leg work is required for never before seen results. You need obtain property by either buying it out right by walking in front of the estate or completing a substory/befriending an NPC. Throughout the business you will obtain employees also earned from substories, these will help you increase profits and help level up the property.

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The goal is to increase shares by buying land and leveling them up, at 30/60/90% you will have an encounter with the King of the district with the first encounter being an introduction, the second being a minigame and the third being a fight. Completing the minigame will earn you more shares and completing the fight will give you complete domination. And that’s the jist of the business, I’ll go into more detail with the other achievements.

The Promised Land

As stated previously shares are obtained by purchasing property and leveling them up so I’ll use this spot to offer a map of all the real estate locations and their requirements.


Generosity of Strangers

Once you take over a section of Kamurocho, during evening or night if you wait outside near certain shops long enough someone will run out and light a cigarette for you.

The Glamorous Life

This is obtained by purchasing the “Disco City Boy” property in the Media King district. Be prepared however as it’s worth one point two billion yen but by that point you should be able to get that amount easily with your business or by farming money with Shakedown.

We Built This City

Just complete the Business storyline, beat all of the kings and have complete domination of Kamurocho (until the bubble bursts in the 90s).


A Host of Hostesses

Partway through Chapter 7 you will start Majima’s Business, CABARET CLUB CZAR. In this business you must recruit and train hostesses then manage the club by assigning hostesses that appeal to the customer’s tastes and help them with orders which the hostess will hint you towards with specific hand gestures.

Everytime you run the club, the girls will gain XP and the club will gain fans and as the number fans go up so do more wealthy customers. Past a certain fan threshold you’ll be able to challenge one of the Five Stars and upon succeeding you’ll obtain a new Platinum Hostess to train.

Talk of the Town

As previously stated, fans are obtained by succesfully running the club but you can also gain fans by partnering with businesses across Sotenbori. Here is a map of all of the businesses you can partner with


You’re Still Number One

The max level for a platinum hostess is 40, this can be easily reached by doing all of the training they have to offer.

Walking On Sunshine

This is obtained once you have fully completed the business storyline.


A Wise Investment/Master of Style

The latter is earned by purchasing 10 upgrades which will easily be obtained throughout normal gameplay. The former however requires you to purchase EVERY ABILITY for the three main styles on both characters, this costs a lot of money thankfully the bulk of that money will be obtained just progressing through the businesses but if you are still short try using the Shakedown money farming method mentioned in my other guide.

Training in Style

Each of the main styles will have a master located across the map, to access their training missions you first need to make enough progress in your upgrades by having an upgrade unlocked near one of the locked nodes in the grid.


Tell Me a Story/Hero of the Story/Story of My Life

There are a total of 100 Substories, 60 for Kiryu and 40 for Majima. You can make it easier to find them using the Trouble Finder accessory obtained by completing “The Tax Lady” substory (At the entrance to your business after defeating the Electronics King) for Kiryu and maxing out friendship with the Komian Chef for Majima. Hopefully someone will write out a complete substory guide as I am currently busy working on this and the 100% completion list guide.

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Amon Defeated

Unlocked after completing every other substory for a character, their last substory will activate leading you towards the two secret bosses. So Amon for Kiryu and Jo Amon for Majima, if you’ve made it this far I trust you know how to max out your styles, inventory and equipment. After completion of both fights you will obtain the achievement.


What a Player

This is obtained by just playing every single one of the 27 minigames once. Here is the list of minigames and how they access them:

Batting Kamurocho Batting Centre
Bowling Mach Bowl (Kamurocho)
Pool/Darts Vincent (Kamurocho), Shot Bar Stijl (Sotenbori)
Outrun Southern Club Sega (Kamurocho), Club Sega (Sotenbori)
Space Harrier Northen Club Sega (Kamurocho), Club Sega (Sotenbori)
Super Hang-On Completing Kamurocho’s Sega girl’s friendship at Southern Club Sega, same locations as Outrun
Fantasy Zone Completing Sotenbori’s Sega girl’s friendship, same locations as Space Harrier
UFO Catcher Club Sega
Poker/Baccarat/Blackjack/Roulette Sotenbori Casino
Cho-Han/Oicho-kabu/Koi-koi/Cee-lo Kamurocho West Park (Unlocked in Chapter 10)
Mahjong Orchid Palace (Kamurocho), Jambalaya (Sotenbori)
Shogi Shoten (Kamurocho), Shogi Player in the south west (Sotenbori)
Fishing Pier (Kamurocho), River (Sotenbori)
Karaoke Heroine Bar (Kamurocho), Utahime Bar (Sotenbori)
Catfights Theatre Square (Kamurochco, unlocked in Chapter 6)
Disco Maharaja
Pocket Circuit Pocket Circuit Stadium (Kamurocho)
Telephone Club Teltel Boys Club (Kamurocho)

Call Me

The Telephone Club is a minigame where you must pick the right responses to score a date with the girl on the other end so this achievement has got to be easy right? NO.
There are 9 potential girls you can get on the other end, 3 of the each bikini colour and only one girl in each of those three sets will give you a sucessful date. The only way of telling if you have the right girl is by their voice. Here are the three girls you can sucessful date and a rough description of what they sound like.
Riku, blue bikini, young voice.
Ayaka, white bikini, young and seductive voice.
Haruki, green bikini, young voice with a nasally quality to it.
Getting one of these girls will net you the achievement (Have fun trying to get all 7 substories related to this by the way).

Say You Wanna Dance

Disco is a very fun dancing minigame that is accessed via Maharaja which is in both Kamurocho and Sotenbori, just playthrough all 5 songs on any difficulty with any star rank.

Cat Scratch Fever

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Okay this one will most likely be the most annoying achievement in the whole game since it requires some luck that the game may or may not refuse to offer. The Catfight minigame is unlocked in Chapter 6 for Kiryu only, in this minigame you must bet on a girl and battle it out in a game of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. Some people get confused by the wording thinking they need to win 10 rounds which is not the case. You need to win TEN TOURNAMENTS. My advice? pick Jennifer and hope for the best, the AI will strongly favor one attack, sometimes use another and barely use another, you can kind of guess what attacks those will be but the game could also just pick 1 star paper over 3 star attacks over and over. Just keep going and you’ll get it.

The Dragon of Pocket Circuit

Pocket Circuit is a only for Kiryu, it consists of mixing and matching certain parts in order to win races. Note you only need to win the 7 races you access by talking to Fighter-Kun, you do not need to complete the side quests related to this minigame for this achievement.
If you need help knowing which exact parts are needed to win the race check out this guy’s guide here.

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Pocket Racers Ideal Builds

Everything Else

High Roller

Just spend a lot of money, easily obtained just by progressing in the businesses.

Make It Rain/Worked Hard for the Money

You will get the ability to throw around money in Chapter 6 after meeting Mr Moneybags, just walk out to the street and throw once for the latter achievement then just throw 49 more times for the former since you toss around 100k per throw.

Who Ya Gonna Call?/…I Did It for the Trophy

Telephone Cards are scattered all across Kamurocho and Sotenbori so finding one will not be an issue, once you have completed a set you can view a video on the girl at Gandhara.

Lucky Star

Dream Machines are also scattered across and there are three type of machines with different prices; 10k, 100k and a million yen. The price is not set it in stone for a dream machine and only some are accesible at a time. Ten star items are only obtainable from the million yen machines so when you see one you better use it but this achievement is solely based on luck.

Mr. Shakedown Takedown

Self-explanatory and not much to cover, use the encounter finder to discover Shakedown’s location and defeat him by spamming heat moves or zap gun.

Welcome to the Jungle/Eye of the Dragon and Tiger

The best weapon result you can get from The Dragon and Tiger is a “Resounding Success!”. It’s quite rare but you’ll easily obtain it by doing the second achievement related to weapon searching.
There are a total of 96 parts in total, some of these are easy to obtain are they are guaranteed finds for agents but some require investment or luck, you’ll want to invest.

[Seperate guide on everything Dragon and Tiger related soon in the works]


The Bed of Styx is this game’s version of the coliseum and is unlocked at Chapter 11. The Endless Rout option is unlocked at Rank B and as the name implies you’ll be going against enemy after enemy after enemy. Fairly easy to obtain as the thirty enemies required to beat for the achievement don’t pose a strong threat.

Just Beat It

Climax Battles are unlocked as you progress through the main story but it’s best to do all of them after you beat the game as you’ll have a lot of experience with the combat and mechanics at that point. Some of these are really easy to complete while others not so much. If you have any issues I highly recommend Devileon7’s video series on the battles.

Half the Battle/Perfectionist

The longest and most challenging achievement of all. The Completion List is something that has been in the series for a long time but unlike previous entries (Like 5) this one is slightly easier to get through. It’s still hard at points and down right maddening but it’s more doable so there’s that.

A complete guide for the list is too big for this guide so I will covering everything the list has to offer on a seperate guide coming soon(tm).

Stuff of Legend

Legend difficulty is unlocked after completing the game just once on any difficulty. You cannot start this difficulty on NG+ so you have to start fresh which isn’t too bad until you learn the special case of Legend. If you run out of health at any point (besides Shakedown) you have to go back to the last manual save you made, no checkpoints, you die on the final boss you go back to the point of no return. Needless to say it’s best to be fully stocked up on health items before any story event. Since you can’t really farm money in the early chapters I recommend using Puzzle Pool to get enough money to purchase upgrades then once you unlock the businesses fully focus on them to max out your upgrades and get some useful weapons like the Zap Gun.

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