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Yakuza 0 – How to tip the catfight minigame in your favour

How to tip the RNG Catfight minigame ever so slightly in your favour.

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Describing the Catfight minigame

What can we say about the catfight minigame?
Well, in a word, unfair.
If you go in unprepared you’ll find yourself losing a LOT of cash.
Every part of this minigame relies on RNG, but with some work you can gain some semblance of control over the game.


So the first thing you’ll need to decide is which fighter you’re going to bet on.
These fighters have different stats and abilities, which can affect the outcome quite drastically.
But pick Jennifer.
Seriously, just do it. She has the highest, most rounded stats of the lineup and has an ability that can take a chunk out of the enemy’s health bar right from the get go.
But there are factors that can affect the fighter’s condition (down below), and if they happen to not be in Jennifer’s favour, then you should pick Francisca, if by some chance she’s not optimal either then go with Momoko.
In general any fighter you pick should have one outstanding skill (out of the Rock, Paper, Scissors triad) and two stats of the same level.

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Identifying Variables

The variables that can affect victory are twofold.

1) Condition
2) Probability

Condition can be determined by the little scrolling text on the bottom screen, which details the events that happened around the fighters and how it affects them, make sure that your chosen fighter is in good condition and not stressed out or stricken with some other sub optimal condition.

Probability is the number that’s displayed underneath the fighter’s name, make sure it’s as low as possible, the lower the better.

The actual fight

Once the fight starts, you can decide which hand (Rock, Paper, Scissors) the fighter can use. Go for the opposite of the enemy’s weakest stat (If the enemy has one star in Rock then pick paper). After which, by cycling through options depending on which the enemy will respond to (if you pick rock, assume the enemy will pick paper next and pick scissors accordingly, etc etc) you should be able to win.

However, given the game’s RNG nature it won’t always work out that way, the most reliable option is to look carefully at your and your enemy’s icon color. If your enemy’s icon is white, assume they’ll use their weakest stat and counter it. If it’s colored, use one of the other two counters, if yours is blue, use your weakest skill, Green, use your second strongest, and red, use your strongest. This isn’t necessarily the way to definitively win but it should give you an edge over the AI.

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Now, how about mashing buttons? What I’ve discovered is you should never mash as hard as you can whenever prompted, start slightly slow and ramp it up. This works possibly due to the AI attempting to outperform you slightly so you should always give yourself room to breathe.

Apart from that you need a lot of luck.

Written by Stormcaller

8 thoughts on “Yakuza 0 – How to tip the catfight minigame in your favour”

  1. This is, in my opinion, the worst minigame in Yakuza 0. There is no logic or skill to it. Everything is randomized and the game has won every single time I’ve tried it.

  2. I always using Maria, and I got like 80% win rate against any opponent EXCEPT FRANCISCA. Any other opponent always have certain weakspot hand. For example, i ALWAYS use Paper for Sayuri. Always use Scissor for Momoko, Yurie & Maria. And always use Rock for Jennifer, Yuiko, & Rei.

    But i cant figure out Francisca. Nevertheless, she tends to waek against Scissor.

    Other advantage using maria is her bet odds. She has the biggest odds of all. Betting 20m for her will result around 600m if she succeed becoming the champion.

    • Wow finally someone who has discovered the secret. Yes, Maria will wreck with the one and done strat. Imo Francisca and momoko are her biggest weaknesses but I’ve come to just use scissors for both. Everything else you said is spot on. Also if you bet the max on Maria if she wins you get almost 1b yen

  3. That bitch Yurie keeps raising from dead like a flipping Lazarus. I beat her and then she kills me from behind. Wtf? I have 2 matches left to win to get my Cat Fever something trophy and it’s ridiculous

  4. The best fighter for catfight is maria
    Her rock/paper/scissor stats allow you to just do nothing the whole game because they are all different
    You can sit on rock for every match and you will win(unless you get extremely unlucky)
    The reason for this is Maria’s Paper stat is the highest so the opponents will go for scissors most of the time(to counter the player if they chose paper).
    For some opponents you may have to switch to scissors if they spam paper instead of scissors

  5. here’s what I did. I only played Jennifer. You need to observe each opponent what hands they always used MOST OF THE TIME.

    for MARIA, i always used rock
    SAIYURI, i always used paper
    FRANCISCA, i always used scissors
    MOMOKO, i always used scissors
    REI, i always used paper
    YURIE and YUIKO i always used rock

    they do change sometimes you need to invest considerable amount of time playing catfights. if its a tie i dont bother mashing the buttons its useless anyways. you just need to be consistent in playing with a hand. when Jennifer gives you a yellow one always choose SCISSORS except when you are fighting Saiyuri. I also won 2 times in a row and always bet 1 million, i bet 50 million one time and was lucky enough to get a win.


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