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Yakuza 0 – How to Unlock Gandhara Videos

To unlock the videos you will need to get involved with the models in question. They may appear in “side quests / substory” in which they are involved, talking to them in their place of business or forging a friendship.

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Note: Be sure that the “Tips” option is turned on in the settings, to receive an indication that a video is now available in Gandhara.

How to Unlock Gandhara Videos

  • Chika Arimura – Complete Chika’s Special Training at Club Sunshine.
  • Mana Sakura – Complete Mana’s Special Training at Club Sunshine.
  • Ai Uehara – Complete Ai’s Special Training at Club Sunshine.
  • Hibiki Otsuki – Complete Hibiki’s Special Training at Club Sunshine.
  • Saki Hatsumi – Complete Saki’s Special Training at Club Sunshine.
  • Haruki Sato – Befriend Haruki through the Telephone Club.
  • Ayaka Tomoda – Befriend Ayaka through the Telephone Club.
  • Riku Minato – Befriend Riku through the Telephone Club.
  • Marina Shiraishi – Complete Real Estate Royale.
  • Kotomi Asakura – Complete Cabaret Club Czar.
  • Ryona Minami – Complete the substory “The Girl in the Video”.
  • Kokoa Aisu – Complete the substory “Be My Boyfriend”.
  • Aya Sakurai – Complete the Substory “How To Train Your Dominatrix”.
  • Nozomi Hazuki – Befriend the chef at Komian.
  • Erika Kitagawa – Play pool three times at Vincent so you unlock Golden Ball play. You must quit after each play for it to count.
  • Luka Kanae – Befriend Luka at the SEGA HI-TECH LAND on Nakamichi St.
  • Kyoko Maki – Befriend Kyoko at the SEGA HI-TECH LAND in Sotenbori.
  • Emiri Okazaki – Befriend Emiri at the Mach Bowl.
  • Reika Aiba – Complete the substory “Sugar Daddy”.
  • Iori Kogawa – Complete the substory “Disciple of the New Order”.
  • Ai Haneda – Play any Karaoke song at Utahime where you do interjections by yourself. Ai will sing instead.
  • Nao Mizuki – Complete the substory “A Watery Investment”.
  • Yuki Natsume – Order alcohol at Maharaja in Sotenbori. You get the video once the bartender chats with you.
  • Rina Ito – Complete the substory “Toilet Talk”.
  • Maika – Order alcohol at Maharaja in Kamurocho. You get the video once the bartender chats with you.
  • Shizuku Hasegawa – Complete the substory “Crossed Words”.
  • Nanase Otoha – Befriend Officer Kikuchi in Kamurocho.
  • Riri Kuribayashi – Complete the substory “From the Heart”.
  • Miku Abeno – Play any Karaoke song at Heroine where you do interjections by yourself. Miku will sing instead.
  • Miho Tono – Befriend Miho in the Poppo on Tenkaichi.

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