Yakuza 0 – PS3 Button Prompts for Xbox Controllers

Yakuza 0 - PS3 Button Prompts for Xbox Controllers

Replace the Xbox prompts with Playstation 3 ones when using and Xbox controller or any controller thats using an XInput wrapper like SCPToolkit.

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1. Download this file:

2. Locate your Yakuza 0 game folder

3. Proceed to go into this folder:
Yakuza 0\media\data\2dpar

4. Back up the file:

5. copy/move the file you downloaded on step one to this folder and replace the one already in it. And you’re done.

All i did was edit the file in notepad++, switch the file names for the Xbox prompt sprite with the PS3 ones. At first i actually tried extracting and re-importing it with different names but i kept getting an error with encryption during re-importing.

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