Yakuza Kiwami Coin Locker Key Location and Rewards Guide

This guide will help you find every coin locker key in the game, as well as a list of the locker rewards.

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Coin Lockers location

The Coin Lockers are located near the Millennium Tower, next to the Lottery Ticket Booth.

Map of key locations

There are a few key locations not marked on the above map. These are:

  • B5 – In the Underground Red-light District
  • I4 – In Purgatory
  • J4 – In the Japanese-style gambling parlor

They’re marked with asterisks in the below list just for clarification purposes.

A1 (Chapter 2+; on the ground)
Medieval Silver Coin – Meant to be sold

A2 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Buddhist Statue – Meant to be sold

A3 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Dinosaur Fossil – Meant to be sold

A4 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Clay Figurine – Meant to be sold

A5 (Chapter 4+; inside Debolah on the dance floor)
Meteor Fragment – Meant to be sold

B1 (Chapter 4+; on the ground next to the coin lockers)
Sacrifice Stone – Accessory

B2 (Chapter 2+; on the ground)
Brass Knuckles – Weapon

B3 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Scotch Whisky – Alcohol

B4 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
All Ones Charm – Item for use in cee-lo

B5* (Chapter 5+; inside the Underground Red-light District)
Medieval Painting – Meant to be sold

C1 (Chapter 5+; finish sub story 42)
Dagger – Weapon

C2 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Dagger – Weapon

C3 (Chapter 2+; on the ground)
1-2-3 Gum – Item used in cee-lo

C4 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Trips Yokan – Item used in cee-lo or oichi-kabu

C5 (Chapter 2+; down a stairwell next to the Todo Building)
Staminan Spark – Restorative item

D1 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Binding – Armor

D2 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Bloody Binding – Armor

D3 (Chapter 4+; inside Yoshida Batting Center next to the arcade machines)
Fighter’s Binding – Armor

D4 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Metal Jacket – Armor

D5 (Chapter 4+; inside Shoten)
Springy Arm Guards – Accessory

E1 (Chapter 2+; behind Serena)
Gentleman’s Umbrella – Weapon

E2 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Tauriner Maximum – Restorative item

E3 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Piss Mountain Stone – Item used in cee-lo

E4 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Even Goro’s Beads – Item used in cho-han

E5 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Cool Striker – Pocket Circuit racer

F1 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Golden Blackjack – Weapon

F2 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Repair Kit – Can be used to repair weapons

F3 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Lopsided Cigarette – Item used in cho-han

F4 (Chapter 4+; inside Orchid Palace Mahjong)
BANKER’S Piece – Item used in baccarat

F5 (Chapter 4+; inside Akashimaru, Taihei Boulevard)
Toughness Infinity – Restorative item

G1 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Blackjack – Weapon

G2 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
PLAYER’S Piece – Item used in baccarat

G3 (Chapter 4+; inside Cafe Alps)
Blackjack Amulet – Item used in blackjack

G4 (Chapter 4+; inside Mach Bowl)
Bust Amulet – Item used in blackjack

G5 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Stone of Enduring – Accessory

H1 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Stun Gun – Weapon

H2 (Chapter 2+; on the ground)
Black Jewel – Item used in roulette

H3 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Royal Joker Card – Item used in poker

H4 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Lucky Hanafuda Card – Item used in koi-koi

H5 (Chapter 4+; inside Vincent)
Ruby Plate – Meant to be sold.

I1 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Zero Jewel – Item used in roulette

I2 (Chapter 2+; on the ground)
Lucky Tile – Item used in mahjong

I3 (Chapter 4+; finish sub story 23)
Modified Model Gun – Weapon

I4* (Chapter 5+; inside Purgatory (West Gate Park))
Marble Sphere – Meant to be sold

I5 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
10-10-1 Charm – Item used in oicho-kabu

J1 (Chapter 4+; on the ground)
Metal Bat – Weapon

J2 (Chapter 4+; inside Pocket Curcuit)
Metal Frame – Pocket Curcuit part

J3 (Chapter 4+; on a thin stairway in front of Millennium Tower)
Give Up Piece – Item used in shogi

J4* (Chapter 7; on the floor in the Japanese gambling hall)
Diamond Plate – Meant to be sold

J5 (Chapter 6+; finish sub story 43)
Charismatic Photo – Accessory

Coin Locker rewards

  • Locker A1 – Medieval Silver Coin
  • Locker A2 – Buddhist Statue
  • Locker A3 – Dinosaur Fossil
  • Locker A4 – Clay Figurine
  • Locker A5 – Meteor Fragment
  • Locker B1 – Sacrifice Stone
  • Locker B2 – Brass Knuckles
  • Locker B3 – Scotch Whiskey
  • Locker B4 – All Ones Charm
  • Locker B5 – Medieval Painting
  • Locker C1 – Dagger
  • Locker C2 – Dagger
  • Locker C3 – 1-2-3 Gum
  • Locker C4 – Trips Yokan
  • Locker C5 – Stamina Spark
  • Locker D1 – Binding
  • Locker D2 – Bloody Binding
  • Locker D3 – Fighter’s Binding
  • Locker D4 – Metal Jacket
  • Locker D5 – Springy Arm Guards
  • Locker E1 – Gentleman’s Umbrella
  • Locker E2 – Tauriner Maximum
  • Locker E3 – Plss Mountain Stone
  • Locker E4 – Even Goro’s Beads
  • Locker E5 – Cool Striker
  • Locker F1 – Golden Blackjack
  • Locker F2 – Repair Kit
  • Locker F3 – Lopsided Cigarette
  • Locker F4 – Banker’s Piece
  • Locker F5 – Toughness Infinity
  • Locker G1 – Blackjack
  • Locker G2 – Player’s Piece
  • Locker G3 – Blackjack Amulet
  • Locker G4 – Bust Amulet
  • Locker G5 – Stone of Enduring
  • Locker H1 – Stun Gun
  • Locker H2 – Black Jewel
  • Locker H3 – Royal Joker Card
  • Locker H4 – Lucky Hanafuda Card
  • Locker H5 – Ruby Plate
  • Locker I1 – Zero Jewel
  • Locker I2 – Lucky Tile
  • Locker I3 – Modified Model Gun
  • Locker I4 – Marble Sphere
  • Locker I5 – 10-10-1 Charm
  • Locker J1 – Metal Bat
  • Locker J2 – Metal Frame
  • Locker J3 – Give Up Piece
  • Locker J4 – Diamond Plate
  • Locker J5 – Charismatic Photo

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