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Yes Your Grace Strategy tips for beginners

Strategy tips for beginners

I am boldly assuming you are looking up this guide after your first playthrough. With that in mind, there is no need to warn you about spoilers these tips may contain. Enjoy the game!

1. Get the bank loan right away

The first loan comes without fee and is incredibly helpful to boost your financial capital. You do not want to miss out your chances to invest in citizens who give you up to 5 gold per week.

2. Invest in the inn and tavern

If you invest in the inn, you can get a weekly revenue of 1 gold per week. If you invest in the tavern, you can get at first 3 gold per week. Do not be humble about demanding that, since the tavern keeper wanted to fool you. Also do not be too greedy or the tavern might shut down and you lose all of your investment. Later on, when you allow it to turn into a pubic house, you get 4 gold weekly plus an achievement.

3. Frugal wedding

Talys will tell you very late, that he does not care for decorations and stuff at the ending. You can save a lot of money. While it may be cruel towards any woman, the dress does not matter either.

If you chose to ask Talys for additional gold for the wedding, Ivo will demand it back. You can prevent that by having just 1 gold less than the demanded 22 gold sum. One way or another, make sure to either get away with more gold after that subtraction, or at least more than 18 gold. Each less can cause troubles for you.

If you ask Talys for an additional general, he will instead pay the salary for your general. You hit two birds with one stone that way. a) Ivo becomes unable to demand anything back b) you get a major savings boost early.

4. Keep your agents busy

While it makes no sense, your agents will truly not need payment when they are underway doing missions for you. By keeping them busy you get additional savings. I usually make sure to keep one agent ready while the rest is away for 2W missions.

5. Go for gold

The possible allies do not just offer manpower to service you. They also offer weekly amounts of gold and supplies. Use this knowledge to pick your allies and the order in doing so in your economical favour.

6. What is dust?

If you go with Lord Etton, you do not only get an achievement but also more possible income. Each dust bag (7G) you buy, you can resell to Etton (11G) and making a profit of 4 gold. Plus there is another boon: you can promise Asalia to Lady Lena’s son with little to none consequences.

Her son is an addict and will die by dust.

7. Choose supplies over men

Another illogical game design at this point is, that you are losing very little manpower of your army if you decide not to feed them for weeks. In my experience it turned out impossible not to have enough men ready despite you decide not to feed them – provided you did manage to secure the men in the first place.

8. Overpowered allied forces

Etton and Jovan come with additional special units which provide an incredible boost in the first battle. Etton seems to hold his special units back, but offers them right away if you turned down his offer at first. With Jovan it is all about sparing him, after he took care of Sir Frederick. It does not matter if you side with Noaksey or not in the Frederick vs. Noaksey dispute.

9. Have Audrey sacrifice himself

From the pure stance of economics, it is cheaper not to sentence any lords you allied with than to keep Audrey. If you decide to ally with Lena, Etton and Noaksey, you might not want to miss the weekly support and dust sales.

10. Please Everyone

With the default difficulty of the game, it is possible to please every petitioner when the option for gold and supplies are available. A high population contentment gives a larger weekly tax revenue.

While the tax revenue caps, it is also necessary to secure the population support for the endgame.

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  1. Thanks for this info. I’m just starting the Nintendo Switch version of the game, after trying the demo and a 90% off sale. I’m sure the tips you provided will prove helpful.

  2. ah yes, the chaotic bad load of choice. legalise drug, sell all your daughters, please the bank and sacrifice your friends. real politics.


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