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Your Only Move Is HUSTLE Diavolo Character Overview

A brief developer guide on what each move does and a few mechanics with them that might not be obvious. I’ll try my best to explain what ‘skipping’ time is hehe

Your Only Move Is HUSTLE Diavolo Character Overview

Diavolo is a stance character based around his stand, King Crimson. While King Crimson is not summoned, you can use his limbs to attack, similar to Doppio. While King Crimson is summoned, you can control an indestructible stand from afar, harassing your foes from a safe distance and using Diavolo’s unique time powers.

While in stand-off mode, without King Crimson, you have an excellent neutral game with many strong normals and tons of great movement options. Your attacks are a bit slow compared to other characters, but are great at poking. Your weakness lies in your lack of versatility: There’s not a lot Diavolo can do to safely set up, and you have to pressure your foes into staying in your effective range.

While in stand-on mode, with King Crimson, you have much better zoning and some of the best defenses in the game. Diavolo himself is quite weak, but King Crimson more than makes up for it with invincibility and range. Your weaknesses lie in your need to spend meter to stay safe, and how vulnerable you are once your foe closes the distance.

If you are playing Diavolo, try out both stances, and switch between them mid-fight! You’ll likely have something in your kit for every situation, and some of your best combos weave between stances to take the best of both worlds.

If you are playing against Diavolo, pressure him from awkward angles! Diavolo’s not very mobile in the air, has low health, and can’t set up very much without King Crimson. If King Crimson’s tucked away, pressure his approach; and if he’s out, close the gap!


Diavolo has some standard movement options, although there are a few key differences and unique choices.

Diavolo Character OverviewDash
Diavolo’s dash is very slow- mobility is an issue for him without using his other options.

Diavolo Character OverviewGetup
… On the other hand, his getup is almost instant! Great for escaping pressure on the ground.

Diavolo Character OverviewTech Tele
A long-distance ‘tech roll’ while knocked down. Amazing escape tool.

Diavolo Character OverviewStand Dash
Diavolo’s superdash. Comes out faster. One of your best tools to close the gap. Stand-off only.

Diavolo Character OverviewStand Leap
Diavolo’s super jump. Aimable, very flexible, but makes you travel a bit fast. Stand-off only.

Diavolo Character OverviewWalk
A menacing walk. Restores a little meter, but not as much as running. Primarily used for style.

Diavolo Character OverviewAir Skip
A short teleport followed by an air dash. An amazing air movement tool- shame you only get one…

Diavolo Character OverviewFree Skip
Skips time forwards. Will be explained in depth in the Super Moves section. Skips 45 frames, with a short startup and short recovery. Stand-on only.

Defensive Tools

Diavolo Character OverviewCall Boss
Stand-off only. After a long delay, grants you Epitaph for free, for a short while, and restores a free cancel. Great for setting up a devastating approach.

Diavolo Character OverviewHustle
Diavolo’s hustle quickly generates meter after a short delay. When compared to a normal hustle, though, it isn’t quite as fast.

Diavolo Character OverviewDash Skip
Diavolo’s dodge. Has a short teleport and is unusually quick. Much faster while in combo.

Diavolo Character OverviewPose
Purely for style.

Diavolo Character OverviewTime Skip Burst
Replaces Diavolo’s normal burst. Instead of requiring the foe to be up close, this activates any time they would attack. However, if they don’t attack- even if they’re right next to you- the move fails. Skips time forwards.

Basic Attacks

Diavolo Character OverviewGrab
Diavolo’s grab is strange. His forward throw deals very little damage, but drops foes right in front of you for a combo. This does not work the same mid-combo, and can let foes escape.

Diavolo Character OverviewJab
Diavolo’s fastest move. Good reach and speed, but otherwise weak.

Diavolo Character OverviewKick
Has good stun, but is on the slower side.

Diavolo Character OverviewHook
Slightly slower and slightly stronger than Jab. Also travels a little farther.

Diavolo Character OverviewStomp
Hits foes on the ground, and hits low. Stands foes back up.

Diavolo Character OverviewKick (Air)
A mediocre air option. Can put foes back on the ground without bouncing them.

Diavolo Character OverviewKnee
An attack with tiny range, but okay damage.

Diavolo Character OverviewEasy Money
An amazing poke with good damage and corner carry. A bit slow if it whiffs, though. Stand-off only.

Diavolo Character OverviewDiscipline
An anti-air uppercut with upper body invulnerability. Stand-off only.

Diavolo Character OverviewCadence
A flip-kick with amazing coverage, but is quite slow. Knocks foes behind you. Stand-off only.

Diavolo Character OverviewCascade
A divekick with amazing damage, and especially rewarding if you start a combo with it. Stand-off only.

Diavolo Character OverviewShelter Sky
An air-hook with amazing stun and range. Stand-off only.

Diavolo Character OverviewShelter Sky
An air-swipe with awkward upwards movement. Can help you catch foes you wouldn’t otherwise reach. Stand-off only.

Diavolo Character OverviewPoseidon
An air-spike that slams foes to the ground. Has a sweet spot right above your head. Stand-off only.

Diavolo Character OverviewCity Picture
A drill-kick that brings you downwards. Bounces foes off the ground, has a unique landing animation.Stand-off only.

Special Attacks


Diavolo Character OverviewK. Crimson
Summons King Crimson, which changes your stance. King Crimson is your stand, and while he’s active, he grants you time-skipping powers.

Diavolo Character OverviewRed
A fairly strong but slow attack that hits foes on the ground.

Diavolo Character OverviewDoppio Rush
A rapid barrage of punches. Can be aimed, but very slow.

Diavolo Character OverviewExiles
An armored punch.

Diavolo Character OverviewFor No Reason
An armored charge. Beats backdash, and has startup invincibility in neutral.

Diavolo Character OverviewNeal and Jack
Throws a knife in front of you. Okay at extending combos, or can pester foes, but easy to parry.

Diavolo Character OverviewFire Witch
A powerful rock-throw that deals good damage, but is slow.

Diavolo Character OverviewProvidence
An air throw that brings foes to the ground. Doesn’t continue combos unless done against a wall.


Diavolo Character OverviewDesummon
Reverts you back to your stand-off stance. Is much faster when done mid-combo.

Most of Diavolo’s stand-on specials command King Crimson. King Crimson can’t change attacks while in the middle of one, with a few exceptions.

Diavolo Character OverviewKing’s Court
A long-reaching, unblockable punch. Very slow.

Diavolo Character OverviewMoonchild
A long-reaching chop that travels far.

Diavolo Character OverviewGroon
A fast chop. King Crimson’s fastest move.

Diavolo Character OverviewFracture
A slow, powerful punch with a lot of windup. Has a tiny hitbox and ends combos most of the time.

Diavolo Character OverviewFallen Angel
An anti-air grab that teleports King Crimson back to you. Can interrupt King Crimson’s current attack. If done in the corner, it rewards a little extra meter.

Diavolo Character Overview21 Century
Can optionally teleport King Crimson back to you, and interrupts King Crimson’s current attack. A shoulder tackle with both Diavolo and King Crimson, although Diavolo’s hitbox is tiny. Has good stun and is a decent last resort.

Diavolo Character OverviewForementera
Always available. A move that counters grabs and deals massive damage in retaliation. Loses to everything else.

Diavolo Character OverviewAdjust
Moves King Crimson mid-attack. Can be used to catch foes that would otherwise dodge you.

Super Moves

Diavolo Character OverviewEpitaph
For a short period, automatically dodge attacks. Wears off if you move backwards or if you attack. Does not protect against grabs.

Diavolo Character OverviewStand Rush
A barrage of punches. Not very strong, but King Crimson attacks for a long time. Summons King Crimson if done while in stand-off stance. Can optionally return King Crimson to your position.

Diavolo Character OverviewErase Time
Makes you and your opponent invulnerable for a short while. Slows your opponent down as well. Costs less meter in neutral. You can use this move while you’re being hit as a foolproof burst, but it’s very expensive! Stand-on only.

Diavolo Character OverviewSkip Time
Ah, the notorious skill… the inexplicable “skipping” and “erasing” time… what does King Crimson do? One of Diavolo’s best and cheapest defensive options. You and your opponent become invincible for a time, and neither of you can react. Neither player sees what happens during this time. Stand-on only.

Diavolo Character OverviewEnd of the Line
An expensive counterattack super that deals massive damage. Loses to grab, but can be held if it whiffs. Stand-on only.

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