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Ys: Memories of Celceta – Fastest Way to Level Up

Lord of the Jungle – Fastest Way to Level Up Preparations

This is the hardest enemy in the entire game. So If you encountered before level 40. Just run.

After reach around level 45-50 warp to Forest Dawn East and go to right and up. You will see ringed area and a monster looks like deer.

Party Members



For Frieda

Hero’s Ring
Courage Scarf

For Calilica
Skill Ring IV
Hero’s Cloak

For Adol
Mytical Belt
Skill Ring III

Before enter the fight upgrade your weapons and armors as you can and bring a lot of healing, revive item. And of course maximize your extra skill bar. If you complete the map %100 then warp to Casnan and talk to Governor General. She will you Ares Urn. Go to Highlands and unleash the artifacts. This artifacts filled up your extra skill bar more faster.

Lord of the Jungle Fight

I will write step by step.

  • Before the fight kill other mobs.
  • Save the game.
  • Use Frieda’s Demonic Egde for boost Strength
  • Change mod to “Attack”
  • Close the enemy and use Frieda’s “Butterfly Assault” extra skill
  • If Adol learnt “Aura Fencer” then change to Adol and spam Aura Fencer
  • If Adol did not learn “Aura Fencer” (like my gameplay) then change to Calilica and spam Blitz Chaser.
  • When enemy attack use flash guard or dodge.
  • If you damaged or died use potions for healing or use potions for revive.
  • Use Frieda’s extra skill when it’s ready.
  • Repeat the process until the enemy died.
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I recommend this fight after getting legendary weapons.

Of course you can use Karna and her Napalm Shot or Frieda and her Cocytus Drive skill inbstead of Calilica and her Blitz Chaser. But best way is using Adol’s Aura Fencer skill.

It tooks 5 minutes in nightmare difficulty.

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