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Ys SEVEN 100% Achievement Guide

This guide will help you with getting all the achievements in Ys SEVEN! Not much else to say here!


Just a few words before we get to achievement hunting.

There will be spoilers! Not heavy ones like who is the bad guy or what happens to whom, but still. If you are really picky about it, maybe you should first play game on your own (and don’t look at achievement page either, because descriptions will give away what’s to come).

It’s not a walkthrough, so you’ll have to figure some things out on your own. There are no puzzles though, so simply general attention to what people say will be enough to know what’s expected from you.

Story Achievements

Those are impossible to miss, as they are granted automatically as you advance along the story.

I Will Survive
Survive against a beast intended specifically to kill you.

This is given you half-way through the game, after your dashing victory against Yses Toluga.

Conquer the Earth Dragon, Rada-Manj.

Conquer the Flame Dragon, Angue-Barl.

Conquer the Wind Dragon, Mu-Anti.

Conquer the Sea Dragon, O-Balon.

Conquer the Moon Dragon, Ze-Kalion.
All of those are self-explanatory – once you beat respective Dragon, achievement window should pop right away.

Dragon Warrior’s Quest ‘Nixed
Complete the game on any difficulty.

Naturally, you’ll have to beat the game to get this one. Any difficulty should suffice, and if it’s your first time with this game, I’ll advice you to go with Normal, to get used to things.

Missable Achievements

Those are achievements you, obviously, can miss if you do something wrong or advance too far into story without having backup save file.

No Tias Shed

Escort Tia back to Altago City completely unscathed, and without using any healing items.

After a trip to Ancient Tree, on the way back to Altago City, Adol and Dogi will find Tia surronded by monsters. Naturally, you must quickly dispose of them, and then escort apothecary girl back to safety. It’s not really hard – even on Nightmare difficulty you should be able to wipe floor with anything living on Altago Plains by that point. Plus, your skills and attacks won’t hurt Tia, so you can go all-out without restrain. Still, few things to note:

  • Tia will follow you like party member but won’t jump away from incoming attacks, so make sure you dispose of monsters quickly before they have chance to target her and do something nasty;
  • While I’m not exactly sure if this can happen or not, later on in game Tia will follow you again, and that time she will use some healing items of her own once you get hurt enough. I don’t know if this happens during this first meeting that achievement is about, but just to be safe, make sure you approach road fork healthy or almost so;
  • Save your game after leaving Shannoa Forest (meeting happens in Altago Plains: East), in case of any misfortune.

Once you enter Altago, you are golden.

Code Geis

Defeat Geis in one-on-one combat.

Much like in Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, Adol (along with friends) will meet Geis at certain point of their adventure (after visiting Flame Shrine, on their way to Kylos Village). Dark mercenary will soon propose a 1-on-1 duel with Adol to test his worth, and your task is making sure our hero comes out victorious.

Geis is not particularly tricky or healthy, but hits pretty hard, so you should be careful. You can also use healing items at your leisure. However, take note that this fight is not mandatory, and if you lose, Geis will leave after some edgy talking. To make sure you have all attempts at defeating him you need, save upon entering Kylos Gorge: Northwest (fight itself happens after exiting a small cave).

Stealer of Weapons’ Souls

Learn every skill.

Yes, every skill for every character. To “learn” skill, you need to use it, thus earning skill experience, until it gets to level 1. New skills are obtainable from weapons you find/buy/synth during your journey, and until they are learned, you can equip and use them only while particular weapon is equipped on a character. What’s missable here? Naturally, weapons themselves! While most you get from shops or synthing (so you can get them any time you want after they become available), some are not as readily available. Naturally, you can’t buy back anything that you found in dungeons, and on top of that, Geis’ initial weapon, Halberd, is also not available anywhere else. Mustafa’s starting weapon is sold in Segram shop, but only until you are done with Ruins Island.

To make sure you won’t miss any skill along the ride, you should, really, just learn everything you can as soon as possible. New party character? Make them active and spam skill. Got new toy from chest? Equip and use it. Back from dungeon? Check shop and crafting lists for new arrivals, buy them, and grind their new skills. If you follow this routine carefully, you will get this achievement during/after Sea Sanctum, since it’s when you unlock last craftable weapons with new skills attached to them.


Unlock all bestiary entries for all non-boss, non-titano foes.

To unlock bestiary entry for any enemy, you have to kill them at least once. Note that you don’t need FULL entries, which require larger body count – just one monster is enough for this achievement. As long as you mow down everything in your path that moves and takes damage, you should be fine, but some extra care is needed at three points of the game:

  • First two entries in bestiary are reserved for monsters you fight during tutorial, and those two can’t be found anywhere else in game;
  • №61 is reserved for small (relatively) bird enemy that can be found only during fight against Kava Kelos (the boss of Holy Precincts of Wind). Once it’s beaten up enough (about one third of health left), bird will start laying eggs upon it’s aerial dashing attack (the one where it drops some explosive feathers on the ground). Eggs take some time to hatch, although I think unhatched egg will suffice too;
  • №101 is reserved for rock-like thing that will flush out of one of caverns during fight with O’Balon (the boss of Sea Sanctum). Game makes a point out of that and shows monster in slow-mo – so once it’s on the ground, unload some skills on it and get back to dragon face punching.

Other Achievements

Those require some work, but you can do them at any point during the game until going against final boss.

Breathless and Aghast
Die by drowning.

Walking Disaster
Die by walking over thorns.

Those two rather particular achievements can be done at same place. Once you reach Ancient Tree, follow lower path that leads directly to it’s trunk. On your left, you will see a path submerged in water – save and go diving there. Once you are done visiting Davy Jone’s locker, follow the path to the trunk of tree and enter it – you will see field of spikes directly ahead. Just run into them until you are dead.

Note: While you certainly can just say “I’m gonna get those during normal gameplay”, I wouldn’t be so sure. Both of those enviromental obstacles are not really that dangerous. You can probably die from spikes by missing a dodge or getting flunked away while low on health, but this requires a lot of conditions to be clear (and spikes do not get seen really often in this game), and drowning is just difficult. I don’t think there is any point in the game where this can happen without you intentionally doing something stupid and suicidal.

Find all the missing pikkards.

After you leave Iska Village for the first time, you will most likely meet those small animals hiding at some places you have already been to. Those “pikkards” (they look like large hamsters) belong to a boy in Segram Village, who was tending to them until an earthquake scared whole herd off. After you talk to him and get Quest 14 opened, you can go and collect poor animals. Note that you can only carry one at a time, so it will take seven trips to return all of them. Defenceless and scared pikkards found their way in some really unlikely places:

  • Shrine of Origins, where Val Klar (two-headed turtle) fight took place. Since all travel monument locations were erased from map due to earthquake and some magic stuff, you’ll have to walk all the way there.
  • Shannoa Forest, where you fought Es Gallion (the large boar). Get to monument that is located in forest, and walk directly north.
  • Ancient Tree, in the end of submerged path mentioned in “Breathless and Aghast” description. From the monument next to a tree, go south and then west, path should be seen from there.
  • Wilderness, west part of, on elevation closer to west exit from the area. Titano-sized spider monster lurks nearby. Enter Wilderness from west side and then go north off the path to next area.
  • Cave Byway, near west exit, where you faced Ghilda Ros (orc/gobling-like monster with club). Just to the left of monument inside the cave.
  • Flame Shrine, where you fought Stohl Brahm (fire bird that guarded Ice Mist Crystal). From entrance to Shrine, go north to a big elevator, go down and along the only path there.
  • Moonlight Path, south part of, in the end of path branching to the west. Enter location from south entrance (that is, from Cave Byway side), follow road north and turn west when possible.

Once all pikkards are rescued, boy will thank you, give Crimson Jewel (item that cuts all SP skill costs by a whooping half), and an achievement itself.

Sinking of the Titanos
Defeat all titanos.

A bit misleading, as in game, pretty much every large monster is titano. What you seek for are three optional bosses whom you are very likely to find long before you can actually fight them. Soon-to-appear-in-Red-List oversized animals are:

appear-in-Red-List oversized animals are:

Bal Kilios: Huge dinosaur-like titano is eating grass to the north from Altago Plains East – once in that location, go north, and you will eventually find large open area. This titano is level 32, and one time to defeat it would be right before heading to Ruins Island. It’s rather passive titano who doesn’t run around like mad, so you can just have Aisha bow him down from safe distance. It will drop Dragon Orb – useful party item that allows health regeneration in all locations, not just outdoors.

Soldi Orm: Gigantic sandworm you will have to run away from on your way to Flame Shrine. It’s level 40, so when you are back, on your way to Flame Sanctum, you will be more than ready to beat it up. It rotates through just two attacks, and while they hit you like a truck, fight is not all that hard. Also, it’s model and animations are reused from The Oath in Felghana boss, Istersiva. Just a random piece of trivia. It will leave after itself a trace of dragon energy which will find new home inside Dogi, allowing him to use his final EXTRA Skill, Ultimate Strike.

Mili Urdu: Nasty centipede lives to the west from Segram Desert, near that small area with two pits. It’s level 47, so fight it after dealing with Sea Dragon. Same thing, it bites hard, but is easily dodgeable. Once it’s squished, trace of dragon energy will unlock Geis’ final EXTRA Skill, Fairy Annihilation.

Defeat all three, and achievement is yours. Also note that EXTRA Skills won’t work until after you come back from Ruins Island.

Grinding Achievements

Those, while not hard, can be time consuming, especially first one. Also note that it’s probably most effective to do them right before going to final fight of the game.

Stroker of Weapons’ Souls
Raise all of any one character’s skills to max level.

Unlike other achievement related to skills, this one is not missable, since at least Adol can learn all skills at any point of game. Now, this task is not convoluted, but it certainly takes time. Firstly, don’t bother grinding skills right from start, or at least until you get Training Medal III or some SP-reducing item. Just use them as much as possible while playing normally, and this will already build up some bulk for you. Although if you really want, you can grind them to level 5 (this is when skills change, get additional attacks and so on).
As for grinding itself, you can read this guide and it’s comments – everything important is explained here, so there’s no reason to write same stuff twice.

Big Spender
Buy every item from the Zanzibar Firm.

Again, easier said than done. Fat piece of ♥♥♥ that is Zanzibar is selling stuff for insane prices – one of items probably costs more than you will get throughout the game without grinding money! Not to mention that most of those items are not really valuable. They do help, but are not life-changers. Anyway, what you need to buy and how much money this will burn:


  • Luck Medal – 10K
  • Bandit’s Gloves – 20K
  • Battle Bandana – 100K
  • Clone Statue – 50K
  • Knight’s Crest – 50K
  • Flash Ring III – 50K


  • Aelous Urn – 50K
  • Ares Seal – 1000K
  • Mirror of Time – 1K
  • Luminous Rock – 5K

So there you go. You need 1,336,000 coins to “buy” this achievement. Naturally, grinding for this amount anywhere but in final dungeon is a rather stupid idea. Now, when you are ready for this ordeal, go for Elk. His support ability is invaluable for gold grind, as well as one of his SP Skills, “Steal”. What it does is droping some money from every enemy Elk hits during his short dash straigh ahead. Amount of gold goes down with each successive hit, and I’ll advise to stop after two hits or so. Now, there is one important and kinda weird aspect about this skill – it makes gold drop from corpses too, and this amount doesn’t diminish after each hit! So once monster goes down, don’t attack it with regular strikes – “Steal” it until it fades away! By the way, “Bandit” works the same way, so if you hurt for some materials, you can also go for some corpse-beating.

Liquefier of Ghosts

Synthesize each Spirit Elixir at least once.

Once you visit Iska Village, you can talk to local shop owner, who will tell you about Spirit Elixirs – special consumables which permanently increase user’s stats. There are five in total, for HP, STR, DEF, DEX and AGL. First three are craftable right away, but last two will have to wait until final dungeon of the game, as required type of water can be gathered only there. What you need to craft all five in one sitting, and where to find it:

  • Altago Plains
    • Iko Seed X10
    • Lughott Seed X10
  • Shannoa Forest
    • Komona Seed X10
    • Kamika Seed X10
  • Segram Desert
    • Salimera Seed X10
    • Lokin Seed X10
  • Kylos Gorge
    • Nadly Seed X10
    • Chingle Seed X10
  • All four Sanctums
    • Striga Seed X10
    • Ambuna Seed X10
  • Monsters and titanos around the world
    • Monster Fluid X20
    • Titano Fluid X10
  • Earth, Flame and Sea Sanctums
    • Spiritual Water X50
  • Well of Souls
    • Holy Water X20

Once you craft every single Elixir (you don’t need to hold onto them), you’ll get thanks from iskan shopowner, Energy Charm, and an achievement.

Dragon Baller

Synthesize all Dragon Stone weapons.

Description is bit misleading, since there are only five Dragon Stones, while you need to craft seven weapons, for each party member. Don’t worry though – remaining two weapons simply don’t require actual Dragon Stones, since Dogi and Geis are not affiliated with any Dragon.
Ability to craft those things (and also best sets of armor) is granted to you upon defeating Moon Dragon – once you get control back after some cutscenes and Well of Souls becomes open, you can warp back to Iska Village and talk to shop owner there – she will tell you about her findings. After that, new items will appear in synth menu. But don’t be hasty, as you will need not only Dragon Stones, but lots of other materials. In total you will need:

  • Moon Stone X100
  • Soul Stone X350
  • Titano Bone X50
  • Titano Spine X60
  • Monster Hide X20
  • Hard Hide X50
  • Thick Hide X5
  • Soft Hide X20
  • Monster Feather X10
  • Crystallized Twig X110

Most of this stuff you likely will have in excess, so most needed things are Soul Stones and Crystallized Twigs. Where to get them? Soul Stones can be gathered from ore deposits on lower levels of Well (there is one room around the middle with three deposits), and it is dropped by Soramjint (tall gooish blue humanoid figure, they also drop Twigs) and Nornal (crescent-like thing made of rock which shoots lasers), among some other enemies. Why I single those two out? Because they are central to strategy for grinding I will present to you.

What you need is: Elk with “Bandit” skill at level 5 (any will do, but at this level Elk recovers faster, meaning faster movement); Luck Medal; not more than an hour of your time; patience. Go to Well of Souls: Mid monument, and once there, walk into closest room to the left from you. In there, you will find two Soramjints and one Nornal. Hitting former with “Bandit” while wearing Medal will always give you a free Soul Stone, latter – almost always. You can get even more if you will kick their corpses with same skill (also you will get some Twigs). First way to grind is to simply hit Soramjints with skill, then run north, hit Soramjint there, return, and so on and on and on. This gives you 3 Soul Stones every 10 seconds, and you only need to stop to recharge SP. This is 30 stones every minute.

Other way, which will also give you lots of money for Zanzibar’s shop, is to kill monsters properly and whack their corpses with “Bandit”. It’s slower since they have loads of health, but you can potentially extract up to four Soul Stones per enemy plus lotsa money plus Twigs. And some EXP too.

As a last note, I advice to grind a bit more and get all armors too. They need far less materials to craft, but give you best defence possible, and you are going to need it.

General strategy

To optimize all this grinding, I advice you to:

  • First, grind weapon skills on some enemies in Well of Souls. This will give you some money and materials aswell;
  • Second, work on crafting Dragon Weapons (and armor). You are very likely to get enough money along the way (don’t forget that you can sell other weapons and excess materials);
  • Finally, if you lack funds for Zanzibar’s shop, grind gold with Elk in Well.

This way, you will minimize time wasted on doing things, as after skill grinding I got around 100 Soul Stones I didn’t need anymore. All in all, I’ll say this all will take about two or maybe three hours of time. Put on some music meanwhile!

Finishing Touches

Not Dragon Your Feet

Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty.

Welcome, to your DOOM.
Well, if we talk seriously, it’s not THAT hard, but you gotta approach this game from right direction. You also maybe want to beat it first on Normal if that’s your first time playing it – even if you played previous Ys games. Seven overhauls gameplay alot, meaning your old ways just won’t work. Now, I won’t write whole walkthrough for entire game, but here are some tips for you:

  • Your friends tend to recover faster from bad status effects. They also seem to receive less damage from attacks and are very apt at dodging them (which, however, doesn’t stop them from doing stupid stuff like walking out of cover into arena-wide AoE attack). If your current character is frozen, stuck or just is in harm’s way, it may be better to quickly swap away. Also note that bosses will usually prioritize targeting player. And finally, I believe your followers can die only from select few attacks, so it may be good idea to let beaten up character fend for themselves, dishing out some more damage before healing.
  • Learn Flash Guard. What it is? Oh, it’s just move that: negates incoming damage; gives you loads of SP; gives you loads of EXTRA; gives you guranteed crits for a few seconds (and you crit with everything, including EXTRA Skills). What, you never heard of it? Well, it’s because game doesn’t tell you, silly (I heard it’s described in paper manual, though. Too bad Steam doesn’t print them). It’s not in tutorials, it’s not hinted at by characters – it’s just not acknowledged, even though Flash Guarding is next to mandatory on Nightmare difficulty since you will need all damage you can get to down bosses faster, as well as SP and EXTRA. To perform Flash Guard, hold LT and press RT right before incoming attack will hit you. Upon successful FG you will hear skill sound effect, and see lots of nice stuff on screen.
    And before you ask – you can FG through EVERYTHING in this game but stage hazards. Fire breath from boss? FG it. Giant tornado that covers entire screen? FG. Enemy stomps you? FG. This move is seriously overpowered, and if you get good at it, you can pretty much stop moving around – just stand still, let boss attack you, FG away and then counter-attack with skills. Only limitation is that single FG won’t save you from continious attacks – but guess what, it doesn’t have cooldown! You can FG through lazer beams just as well, as long as you keep up pace and rhythm. Oh, and if you suck at using triggers, you can rearrange button config on PC version – it’s possible even to make it so you can press single button to perform FG (although I wouldn’t recommend it, really)!
  • Spam skills. No use sitting on this SP you got – burn it right away! You will slowly upgrade skills that way (at level they change to become more destructive), and also charge your EXTRA meter (although make note – while skill EXP is granted for every use regardless if it hit target or not, EXTRA points will only be granted if your attack connects to an enemy).
  • Aisha is good girl. Her machine-gun-like bow is very strong weapon, her skills can dish out some good damage while not being right in the face of another gigantic monster, and she recovers EXTRA points faster thanks to her ability.
  • If it bleeds, kill it. If it’s not nailed to the floor, take it. There are no time limits, so don’t rush things and play at your pace. Nothing bad will happen if you grind some levels or materials for new sword. Also use Dragon Orb from that titano in Altago Plains to recover health instead of using healing items, which should be saved for boss fights.

It may seem impossible at first, but believe me – game gets easier towards the end, mostly because you get lots of cool and useful powers later on! Perseverance is your main strength!

Taking It All Ta-go

Obtain all other achievements.

Naturally, after doing everything else, you’ll get this one. Easy!

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