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Yuppie Psycho: All Achievements Guide

Join Brian Pasternack on his first day at one of the world’s largest companies, Sintracorp. Uncertain, unprepared, and massively unqualified, will Pasternack have what it takes to shine in Sintracorp’s hierarchy? It all depends on how he performs on his first assignment… and whether he survives it.

Yuppie Psycho Achievements

This guide will help you unlock every achievement. It will give you the basic steps you need in order to track down those hard to find achievements.

1. Deal with the Devil:
Signed the contract with Sintracorp.
A contract will be on the 10th floor desk. It must be signed in order to progress the storyline. Achievement Unlocked.

2. Photocopied Soul
Saved your game with the photocopier.
It’s a mandatory achievement to progress the storyline. You will be forced to save soon after meeting Mr. Hugo. Achievement Unlocked.

3. Welcome to Sintracorp
Accessed Sintranet.
Mandatory. Gain access to your ID card and use old computer near photocopy machine. Achievement Unlocked.

4. The Hammer of Witches
Got Hexenhammer.
Mandatory. Go to the library. Do the puzzles. Unlock the library proper. Take book from mummy. Achievement Unlocked.

5. Family Plot
Got the photo of the Sintra family.
Mandatory. Use paper voodoo figure on employee you need to chase down. Coax employee to wall mouth. Achievement Unlocked.

6. Employee of the Month
Cleared the poisonous air and talked to Dumont.
Mandatory. Beat the Dot Matrix boss, turn the red valve, make your way to the elevator and complete the cutscene. Achievement Unlocked.

7. The Key
Got the key to the graveyard.
Mandatory. Enter R.Corvo’s version of Sintranet via card. Get touched by the snake Sintra to reveal elevator code. Find hidden floor. Enter room. Get key. Achievement Unlocked.

8. She
Found the Witch.
Mandatory. This achievement happens during Mr. Hugo’s birthday party. After helping set-up the party. Achievement Unlocked

9. Back to Work
Went back to your office after the party.
Mandatory. Basically the description says it all. The boss battle and sequences before it can be tough though. Achievement Unlocked.

10. Head of the Company
Rebuilt the robot.
Mandatory. Need get devil suit from canteen, go floor nine, use suit in front of museum door, figure out museum puzzle. Take head to floor 3 back room. Achievement Unlocked.

13. Motivational Meeting
Passed Colonel Dumont’s test without making any mistakes.
During motivational meeting. Choose these options in this order (Some are similar so pay close attention):

1.I’m the lowest of the low!
2.I’m garbage!
3.The best!
4.The best of the best!
5.With my work!
6.With my blood!

Achievement Unlocked.

14. Junkman
Gave Doshi what he was looking for.
Optional. Missed if at birthday party. I believe there are 2 parts you can give Doshi. They are called Robotic parts. You can find one here:

27. Be Kind, Rewind
Got the Videoclub Misterio VIP card.
Optional. Difficult achievement. You have to watch the first nine videos in the library media center. Be sure to save Ms. Sosa and pick up video 10 from the underwater section. At the very end talk to Ms. Sosa in the lobby. Achievement Unlocked.

This is where you can find each video:

1st: Chrysalis – In library archives (mine riddled room). In the far right lower corner, search the knocked over TV stand with VHS tapes spilling out.

2nd: From the Drain – Floor 5. Restroom, 2nd stall after man vacates the area. Search the toilet.

3rd: Follow a cat through the woods – Floor 8. In woods behind man left of elevator. Search the container.

4th: Blood Trail – Floor 4. Main Hub. Crawl under the divider right above the Ⓐ symbol. Search the 2nd locker.

5th: The Weary Human Face – Floor 4. Near Dot Matrix Boss. Crawl under dividers To find two file cabinets. Search the left file cabinet.

6th: Apparition (Appearance) – Floor 8. Behind tombstone, right of Sintra family mausoleum
7th: Fired – After Party. Floor 5. Search the briefcase near Office C.

8th: Office Party – After Party. Floor 9. Exhibit. I’m not sure what triggers it ( Either try looking at all paintings – Red Lady OR try placing the blank canvas in its spot then look at the Right, Right, Left painting next to where the Red Lady appears each time.) but sometimes a briefcase can be found where the Dot Matrix exhibit was after talking to Mr. Spader. Search the briefcase.

9th: Mr. Fileto – After Party. Floor 3. Back Office. Search the machines left of Rei Sintra robot.

10th: Mom & Dad – Near end game. Have a spare pencil available. Might need underwater certificate. Search the briefcase.

Written by Super Tramp

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