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Zelda Link’s Awakening How to Get the Tail Key

How to Get the Tail Key

Link trekked all the way back to the tree stump cave entrance inside the Mysterious Forest, Magic Powder in hand, and continued through the narrow path west.

Head here on the map to find the Raccoon.

In the next area, Link went the only direction he hadn’t gone yet – north. There, he saw a Raccoon using his tummy as a drum. The critter told Link he was sensitive to dust and powder, to which Link responded by rudely throwing the Magic Powder at him.

The Raccoon broke into the most intense allergic reaction Link had ever seen. It spun and bounced around until… it transformed! Astonishingly, Tarin stood before Link’s eyes, once a Raccoon and just as confused as Link.

Note: Raccoon was Previously Impassible
Trying to go past the Raccoon before incapacitating it first with the Magic Powder was impossible for Link. The mischievous critter would cast an illusion on the forest, making it impassable.

Just north of the confused Tarin, Link found a treasure chest. Inside, he finally retrieved the Tail Key.

Again, the Owl returned with more instructions:

Go south to Tail Cave and retrieve the instrument inside.

Before doing that, Link made sure to collect these Pieces of Hearts and Fairy Bottle.

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