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Forager: All Crafting Recipes

The highly popular and quirky “idle game that you want to actively keep playing”. Explore, craft, gather & manage resources, find secrets and build your base out of nothing! Buy land to explore and expand!

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Forager Crafting Recipes

All items stack infinitely and occupy one slot in the player’s inventory or vault. Items can be sold or bought at a Market for coins. Some items, such as equipment and tools don’t go in the player’s inventory, instead they are located in a special menu and can’t be messed with at all.


Scrolls are consumable items with amazing magical powers. They can be crafted at an Inscription Table and require the perks Novice Scrolls and Expert Scrolls to be unlocked.

Item Materials Skill Effect
Sage Scroll Paper x5, Green Pigment x5, Bottled Fairy Novice Scrolls Gives XP to the player
Builder Scroll Paper x5, Green Pigment x5, Bottled Torchbug x2 Novice Scrolls Boosts production speed of nearby structures
Druid Scroll Paper x5, Green Pigment x5, Cinderbloom x5 Novice Scrolls Spawns plants around the player.
Wizard Scroll Paper x5, Purple Pigment x5, Bottled Deathmoth x5 Expert Scrolls Converts resources around the player into animals.
Miner Scroll Paper x5, Purple Pigment x5, Steel x3 Expert Scrolls Spawns rocks and crystals around the player.
Demon Scroll Paper x5, Purple Pigment x5, Demon Horn x10 Expert Scrolls Shoots fireballs in all directions


Potions are consumable items with a variety of beneficial effects that may last up to a few minutes once drank. Potions can be crafted at a Cauldron and require the perks Novice Potions and Expert Potions.

Item Materials Skill Effect
Bomb Jelly x2, Iron Ingot x4, Coal x2 None Explodes and destroys everything in within its radius
Healing Potion Flower x101, Citrus x10, Wheat x10, Bottled Torchbug x5 None Heals Health and Energy
Wisdom Draught Amethyst, Paper x5, Beet x5, Bottled Beetle x5 Novice Potions Gain double XP and fully heal Health and Energy upon gaining a level.
Liquid Luck Amethyst, Nightshade x5, Bone x5, Bottled Beetle x5 Novice Potions Doubles resource drop rate and increases chances of finding rare items.
Mandragora Emerald, Lavender x5, Cactus Fruit x5, Bottled Butterffly x5 Novice Potions Shoots poison when attacking and harvest resources in its path.
Thunderstrike Topaz, Crystal x5, Pumpkin x5, Bottled Torchbug x5 Novice Potions Shoots lightning around the player, dealing damage to enemies and harvesting resources.
Greedy Mixture Topaz, Nightshade x5, Leather x5, Bottled Torchbug x5 Expert Potions Coins are worth 25% more and spawns coins when attacking.
Ana’s Delight Emerald, Sugar x5, Flower x5, Bottled Butterfly x5 Expert Potions Increases animal spawn rate.
Dragon Philtre Ruby, Cinderbloom x5, Steel x2, Bottled Deathmoth x5 Expert Potions Shoots fireballs randomly and increases evasion by 50%.
Bloodfury Cocktail Ruby, Bomb, Hot Pepper x5, Bottled Deathmoth x5 Expert Potions Doubles damage and killing things causes explosions.
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