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Forager Cheats (Console Commands)

The highly popular and quirky “idle game that you want to actively keep playing”. Explore, craft, gather & manage resources, find secrets and build your base out of nothing! Buy land to explore and expand!

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Forager Cheats

  • You want endless rainbow effects?
  • You don’t want to kill the beets?
  • You seek advanced settings?
  • Welcome to the secret options!

Wait.. did I hear secret options?

Yes fellow Forager, you heard right! There are some settings, which are currently unavailable in the game and may only be accessed from your game’s save folder. Since the knowledge of its existence is still not spread, we refer to them as secret options. Some of these options may not stay secret forever, but will move to the game’s settings menu in the future, so this guide will get updated as soon as changes are being made.

But where do I find those secret options?
Glad that you asked, dear fellow Forager!
Here you can find your save data for the different operating systems:

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Mac OS:
/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/com.hopfrog.forager/


The file you are looking for is called “secretOptions.ini”!

So, what do these do?

Note: Before changing these values, I recommend closing the game.

rainbowsForever0 = off, “1” = on0Everything gets the rainbow effect, permanently.
iAmNotAMonster0 = off, “1” = on0You unlock the “Monster” feat, without the need of killing those lovely beets. They will be grateful!
glyphFormatxbox = XBox glyphs, “ps4” = PS glyphsxboxChanges the style of the button icons, based on your glyph preference.
invulnerableBridges0 = off, “1” = on0You cannot (accidentally) destroy bridges anymore.. at all…
buildingsAOE0 = hide, “1” = show1Show / hide the purple-ish “area of effect” marker.
showFPS0 = hide, “1” = show0Show / hide frames per second rate at the top-left corner.
floatingAnimations0 = off, “1” = on1Turn the up-down movement of items, structures and text on / off.
arrowPan0 = off, “1” = on1Follow the shot arrow with your camera.
screenShake0 = off, “1” = on1Turn screen shake on / off.
screenFlash0 = off, “1” = on1Turn screen flash on / off.

Upcoming changes!

As I already said earlier, the secret options may change. Whenever this is the case, I will protocol any and all changes in this section here!

No changes yet.

Written by Cave Johnson

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