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Underground Blossom Lab Update Walkthrough Guide

Underground Blossom Lab Update Walkthrough Guide

Underground Blossom Lab Update Walkthrough Guide. Single achievement is for beating the new section.

Unlock Lab Area

The hint for this is in the release video.

  • Go to Child Lane using the platform selector menu
  • Find the phone and dial 36133
  • Listen and then head to the clock
  • Turn it to 2:40 and take the train
  • Talk to the janitor, he wants coffee
  • Grab the coffee filter from his pocket
  • Turn around until you find a box, grab the coffee and cup from it
  • Go to the coffee machine and take the pot
  • Head to the nearby washroom and flush the toilet
  • While the toilet is full of water grab it with the coffee pot
  • Go back to the coffee machine and add all the bits: coffee pot with water, coffee filter then coffee
  • Run the machine to get coffee
  • Head back to the janitor and give him the cup, then the coffee
  • He will drink it and run to the washroom
  • Grab his mop
  • Go to the washroom and grab the key from the janitors apron
  • Use it on the research lab door and we’re in!

Lab Fuse Map

Once you enter there is a fuse panel to the room to the left.

You have to move the fuse around to unlock doors.

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The map is oriented on its side so it’s a bit easy to get confused so here is an edited map for reference.

Underground Blossom - Lab Update Walkthrough

Lab Walkthrough

  • At the fuse panel, put the fuse in the top slot
  • Leave the room, then go straight and through the nearly opened door on the left
  • Grab the glass from the ground and then look at the vent
  • Stop the spinning fan with the mop and grab the fuse inside
  • Take the mop with you
  • Head back to the fuse panel and put fuses in slot 2 and 3
  • Leave the room and head straight through the door and follow the path to the opened storage room
  • On the ground is the cipher for the container on the top shelf

Underground Blossom - Lab Update Walkthrough

  • Open the container on the top shelf for a keycard
  • Grab the wheel from the box on the bottom shelf before you leave
  • Leave the storage room and turn left into the room with a prisoner
  • He wants out so let’s put that wheel on the wall next to him and spin it to release him
  • There is a dead mouse on the ground next to him, poke it to get a kidney
  • Backtrack to the fuse panel room
  • Put a fuse into the 4th and 6th slot
  • Leave the room and head right through the open door
  • Follow the path and first ignore the flask sign and go straight
  • In here is another vent, look inside and grab the matches
  • Leave the room and go to the left, this time following the flask sign
  • Put the keycard in the slot next to the door and enter
  • Check the desk drawers for toilet paper and a floppy disc
  • Put the kidney on the tray on the desk and the coffee pot on the desk
  • Backtrack entirely out of the research lab and go back to the washroom
  • Give the toilet paper to the janitor and back away
  • Go back and now the washroom is clear again
  • Flush the toilet and grab water with the glass
  • Return to the research lab and back to the room we opened with the keycard
  • The instructions for this are on the floor
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Underground Blossom - Lab Update Walkthrough

  • Use the matches to light the burner and heat the water glass
  • Then pour the coffee, then boiling water, then acid onto the kidney
  • The kidney will turn into a weird goop creature – poke it and it will jump off the table
  • Continue to use the mop to poke it and follow it to the room with the spinning fan vent
  • It will jump to its death by spinning fan and gooooop everywhere
  • Go into the vent and grab a 3rd fuse at the back
  • Backtrack to the use panel room and insert the fuse and put it in the 5th slot (so you should have 4,5,6 in)
  • Leave the room and head right and follow the path to the cube door to see the janitor is in here, totally safe and sound
  • Go left and talk to Rose
  • Rose will enter the machine, push the grey button and then the red button
  • Take the black cube from Rose
  • Head back to say hi to our janitor friend and ohhh noo… I’m sure he’s fine
  • Follow the trail of blood back to the prison and talk to Rose
  • Turn the wheel again to close the cell
  • Take the key from Rose
  • Follow the blood back to the door with the cube above it and insert the key
  • Enter the room and see a cool Past Within device
  • Turn the device on with the switch at the bottom right and the red switch
  • Put the black cube above the device and then insert the floppy disc to complete the update!
  • You will get Run, Harvey, Run achievement.
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There is a secret message to be used in The Past Within if you own it (you should totally buy it) 1935

If you want to leave the area, backtrack towards the entrance and you will see 3:45 written on the chalkboard on the way out.

Set the clock on the platform to that time and you will return to child lane.

I don’t think the lab shows up on the platform selector, you’ll probably have to set the time back to 2:40 to come back.

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