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Little Goody Two Shoes Following the Mysterious Notes Guide

A side mission you have to do to achive one of the endings.

Little Goody Two Shoes Following the Mysterious Notes Guide


Sunday morning

Find the note after the church event.

Sunday evening

You can go inside the cave in crossroads.

Pick the the two objects when you pick the note a monster will appear, it’s slow,you have to go back the way you came.

On Tuesday go to the Viewpoint, the Windmill that is near the Elise’s house the door will be open.

Careful With Your Sanity!

Just staying in this places for too long can give you an special game over.


You can enter on Tuesday Morning and you can enter for the rest of the week less Saturday.

Pick the doll.

  • Open the menu, select it and break it
  • Do the puzzle

Legs left, Head center, Torso right.

Pick the fish key and wait until Thursday.


You can go to the fish fount at the Water Will at Thursday Dawn (also you can go there when there’s no one else around) and use the fish key there, if you leave you can’t go back, if you go without doing the puzzle you can’t continue the mission.

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Do the puzzle, you know if have done it right when in the empty hole appears a green light

How to do it:

Interact with the candles in the wall. Start at with the bottom(south) left, middle right, middle left, buttom right, an the last one is the one that is alone put Elise’s brooch next to the lonely candle.

When you get the key, go back to the abandoned Windhill next to Elise’s house and use the key in the door that is next where you picked the fish key.

Explore the caves until you get another key that you can use on Saturday.


After the dawn (church) event you can go inside the church and one of the doors will be open.

Interact with rug and below it will be the door where you can use the last key.

You can get ending 4.

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