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The Long Dark Memories Walkthrough (Episode 1 Chapter 1)

The Long Dark Episode 1 Guides:

Chapter 1: Memories

Alright, so after that lovely opening cutscene (that you can skip by pressing ESC), it’s time to begin playing. Your first task is to light a fire. To do so, you’ll need fuel, tinder, and matches, all of which can be found in Will’s office.

Once the fire is lit, your next objective is to explore the hanger. To complete this goal, you can either perform various actions (eating, drinking water) or click on items that trigger dialogue. You need to do five things to complete this objective. The items you can interact with are:

  • floatplane
  • Will’s parka
  • sink in the bathroom
  • hot plate
  • poster in the hanger
  • map in Will’s office
  • picture on the wall in Will’s “bedroom”
  • framed picture in Will’s office

After exploring the hanger, Will decides it’s a good time for a nap. All you need to do is sleep in Will’s “bedroom,” which is accessed from the hanger. The door to this room can be found here:

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And now the phone is ringing. Obviously, your next task will be to answer the phone. Just head back to Will’s office and interact with the landline. This will trigger another cutscene.

Alright, time to prepare. There are two objectives, although one is optional. The first is to load Astrid’s stuff into the plane. This is easy; just pick up the locked hardcase and backpack next to the plane and load them into the plane’s hatch.

Optional Quest: Select Extra Cargo
So, there’s a bit more room in the hatch for some additional gear. There are three available items: a first aid kit, a distress pistol kit, and an emergency food kit. Unfortunately, each item is 5 kg, so you can only take one. Which one you pick is entirely dependent on your play-style. The first aid kit can be handy if you tend to sprain ankles or give yourself food poisoning. The distress pistol will allow Will to scare away bears and wolves pretty much guaranteed. The food kit is good for players who run out of food quickly. And of course, you can choose none of the above, adding some extra challenge. Whichever you pick, make sure to place it in the plane hatch with Astrid’s stuff.

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Once you’ve finished packing, click on Will’s parka for a cutscene and the end of the chapter.

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