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Being a DIK Mini Games Answers: English, Gender Studies and Math Answers (S1)

Answers for english, math and gender studies mini games.

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Being a DIK Mini Games Answers

1st English Class :

3 letter words: Git, His, Hit, Its, Lit, also Sit
4 letter words: Gilt, Gist, Gits, Hilt, Hits, List, S h i t, Sigh, Silt, Slit, also This
5 letter words: Sight, Light, Hilts
6 letter words: Slight, also Lights

1st Math Minigame :

Answers : C, B, D, A, D, C.

1st Gender Studies Minigame :

Danielle, 2 years old brown, Franz, You never told me,
$12, Glasses, Linda 240lbs, 2 months, Your boyfriend Jaime, and also 13

2nd English Class:

3 letter words: Her, Pee, Per, Rep, See, also She
4 letter words: Here, Hers, Peer, Reps, Seep, also Seer
5 letter words: Peers, Sheep, Sheer, also Spree
6 letter words: Herpes, also Sphere

2nd Math Minigame:

Answers : C,A,A,A,C,C,D,D,A,D

2nd Gender Studies Minigame:

Answers: Chocolate, 5, 3, Diet orange, Fries, Whiskers, Lemons, 0, 5 years, Blue shirt with white dots

3rd English Class

3 letters words: act, ant, can, cat, gin, git, nag, nit, tag, tic, tan, also tin
4 letters words: agin, anti, cant, inca, gain, gait, gnat, tang, also ting
5 letters words: acing, actin, antic, also giant
6 letters words: acting

3rd Math Minigame :

Answers : B,A,A,B,C,D,B,D,A,D

4th English Class :

3 letters words: leo, eon, one, son, sos,
4 letters words: eons, lens, less, lone, lose, loss, noel, nose, ones, sole, sons,
5 letters words: loses, noels, noses, soles
6 letters words: lesson

4th Math Minigame :

Answers : B, D, A, D, B, A, C, B, D, A

3rd Gender Studies Miniganme :

Karen Rebeca Johnson, conflicts or dogs, 7 years, cows, librarian, your mom, 19
years and 2 months, 2 years, 44dB, history and latin

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