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Being a DIK Vault Code Combinations

This is a very simple guide that will tell you the combinations for the vault in every episode.

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However, I strongly recommend that you play through the game at least once before you look up the combinations. Each episode has a unique combination for the vault on your phone. You can find the digits during the free roam. Explore every nook and cranny and when you find a digit, it will be highlighted in green letting you know that is part of the combination.

For example, during your first free roam, examine the stove in the kitchen next to your father. Your thoughts will be displayed on the bottom of the screen and part of that thought will be a green 1. So, now you know the first digit in the combination is a 1.

Vault Code Combinations

Examine everything closely and listen to what people have to say. Sometimes, a clue is hidden in a conversation. However, if you still can’t find the answers, the solutions are here.

  • Episode 1 – 4413
  • Episode 2 – 4413
  • Episode 3 – 3985
  • Episode 4 – 0421

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