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Growing Up Important tips for beginners

Growing Up can be a brutal game. Meeting your parents expectations, while trying to hold on to your mental health can be difficult.

So i gathered some tips i learned from playing this game so much.


-In the Brain Map, prioritize getting Big Nodes. The younger your kid is, the more important they are. Adding passive income to your stats, very quickly adds up. Even at the begining of highschool, they are still very much worth going for.

-Up until late middle school, you should be getting every single big node. However, after that point, or if you have to choose which one to get, your prioritization should look like this:

1-Action point nodes
2-Brain point nodes
3-Your main stat node (for example: Imagination)
4-Everything else

99-Knowledge – They are almost never worth it, so this is the one Big node you should avoid. Keep in mind that I’m not talking about the smaller ones that are crucial for the game.

-Always buy new skills at the end of the day, before filling your schedule. Not only Brain Map and other activities will make them cheaper, but also you can fill expectations way faster. Since you get those mini quests from parents after the school, you could immediately finish them. For example: if they want you to raise your memory, you can buy skills that give you memory after buying them.

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-Working is always worth it, it takes away very little from your happiness, and gives you a good amount of money. But NEVER put work in the schedule! Use your action points instead, not only you will be able to spend this money the same day, but also you cant really use action points for learning until very late into the game, so keep your schedule reserved, instead of wasting it on work and entertainment.

-A good strategy is to buy as many items that give you either action points or brain points as possible. They are in almost every shop, and provide great value in the long run. Especially the Carnival ones, they are broken as hell.

-Rush passive money boosts at the beginning of middle school and highschool. That way you will have almost infinite money to waste in the late game.

-Don’t be afraid to eat every day, use your mental health as a resource. It’s much easier to refill it than it is to refill your parents opinion on you. However if you did this tip above, you won’t have any problems with that.

-Buy a Daily planner and a Carnival ticket-(Only if you don’t have Alex as your friend), having an additional slot in your schedule is a life saver. And carnival is the home to the most broken items in this game.

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I will do a guide for the most optimal strategy next, and if i arleady did, here’s the link:
(Not yet!)

Written by Ogorek