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Kakuriyo Village: Walkthrough Guide

This is a walkthrough guide for the game “Kakuriyo Village ~Moratorium of Adolescence~”. Please be aware of spoilers as we cover various data such as walkthrough charts, H-scenes, conditions, and branching endings.

Kakuriyo Village: Walkthrough Guide

The protagonist, a boy named Ao, returns to his hometown in the countryside with his parents for a family gathering during summer vacation. Bored with the adult conversations, he sneaks out and decides to visit his childhood friend Hinori, whom he hasn’t seen in six months. Their relationship was casual, almost like that of male friends, but upon reuniting after six months, he notices that she has matured into a more feminine figure despite her androgynous appearance.

Enjoying their reunion, the two of them get lost on their way back and stumble upon a place called Kakuriyo Village. Guided by the ethereal and beautiful girl named Yuu, they find themselves staying in the village while searching for a way to return home. However, they soon discover that this village adheres to a twisted custom where women must submit to men absolutely, and men are free to rape women as they please.

Furthermore, there is a strict rule in the village against concealing one’s gender, and severe punishment is imposed on those who break it. Hinori, mistaken for a male upon entering the village due to wearing masculine clothing, must hide her true gender to avoid being violated and punished by the men in the village.

As they search for a way back to their world, the two learn from a female shaman in the village that despite being a place where people are meant to love each other, Kakuriyo Village is a place where couples destined to be together are unable to unite. By accumulating various experiences and “transforming” in this village, they can return to their original world, but once they leave, they will never be able to be together. Whether they choose to remain in this paradise-like world and love each other forever or leave the village, prepared to part ways, depends on the player’s choices.

Co-living in Kakuriyo Village

Kakuriyo Village ~Moratorium of Adolescence~ GUIDE

Kakuriyo Village ~Moratorium of Adolescence~ GUIDE

The protagonist, Aoi, and the heroine, Hinori, find themselves living together under one roof in a place called Kakuriyo Village. While at home, Hinori shows various expressions such as taking baths or relaxing in yukata. Although she disguises herself as a male outside, she can freely change into different outfits like dresses or swimsuits while indoors.

Kakuriyo Village ~Moratorium of Adolescence~ GUIDE

The main objective of the game is to escape from Kakuriyo Village, for which you need to increase your “adult value” status by witnessing events occurring in the village. However, the village is filled with a lascivious atmosphere, causing Hinori‘s arousal value to increase involuntarily as she interacts with the villagers.

At first, the game focuses on soft play, such as rubbing breasts and spreading her crotch for penetration, but as the story progresses, the player can engage in more extreme play. The seasons change as the days go by, and you will be able to enjoy the changes in your relationship with your childhood friend, which is changing little by little into a more lewd relationship.

If you interact with villagers while your estrus value is elevated, sexually sensitive villagers will smell Hinori‘s female body and the “female exposure value” will increase. If you finish the day with this “Female Exposure Value” at its maximum, the villagers will know your sex and you will go straight to a bad end. You can lower the “female exposure value” by resting at home, masturbating, and so on.

Kakuriyo Village ~Moratorium of Adolescence~ GUIDE

The main character, Ao, also has a status called “Ao’s Sexual Desire Value“. In this village, there is an epidemic of a disease in which men must regularly serve women and ejaculate or else they will be transformed into a monster, and ending the day with a high libido value will also lead directly to a bad ending. To prevent this, you can lower your libido by having Hinori “drain” you while you are at home.

Hinori’s NTR Events

Within the village, there are also antagonistic males who become aware of Hinori‘s gender and try to exploit it to pursue a relationship with her. After engaging with them, there are scenes where Hinori occasionally disappears from Ao‘s sight early in the morning or during village exploration. While there aren’t explicit scenes involving the antagonists early on, there are suggestive hints such as sweating unnaturally or immediately taking a bath upon returning home, implying the possibility of infidelity.

In the “Hinori’s Sexual Characteristics Record” section of the status screen, details about her physical development are meticulously recorded. As NTR events occur, details of interactions with the antagonistic males gradually get documented. While initially only fragmented details are visible, the gradual progression from suspicion to certainty regarding infidelity allows for a realistic NTR experience.

Additionally, there is an option for “NTR Safe Mode“, enabling access to special rescue elements, making it enjoyable for those who prefer a focus on pure romance.

H-event of the villagers

Some of the villagers have subheroines who are prepared to have H in stages. Many of the subheroines have a distorted relationship with their male partners due to certain events, and the lewd atmosphere of the village is filled with intense scenes of men and women seeking each other out. The protagonists sometimes become involved by peeking into their H or participating in their play, and their relationship may change as they witness the end of the story.

Aihara Dendo is a former delinquent who came to this village two years ago with his childhood friend, a schoolgirl named Ryuka. Dendo has a history of gang raping and raping Ryuka, who was gang raped by a group of delinquents to which he belonged, because he mistreated her when she was a delinquent. Periodically, Danmichi rapes village girls in front of his eyes and sometimes violently rapes Ryuka herself to help her cope with the trauma.

A man named Tanaka is a servant to a young lady named Kakurie. Tanaka helps her to return to her original virtuous character by hypnotizing her through sex with a special aromatic substance.

Impressions and Reviews

The circle “I’m moralist” primarily focuses on doujinshi games and has produced titles such as “Araka~JK Exorcist Horror RPG” and “Hunting Labyrinth“, both published on Steam by “BokiBoki Games“.

Their latest work features a neutral-looking Bokko** girl as the main heroine, emphasizing themes of pure love reminiscent of youthful innocence. The characters are portrayed with strong personalities, drawing players deeper into the storyline.

In the adult content section, the portrayal of pure love with the main character is depicted through intimate and realistic scenes, contrasting with the more realistic approach taken in the bad end route. While the bad end route explores darker themes such as rape and humiliation, these scenes are depicted with a moderate intensity, offering players a variety of experiences.

The game design includes markers to guide players through events, minimizing confusion and ensuring a comfortable and efficient gameplay experience. This game is ideal for those who enjoy stories of pure love and neutral heroines.

** Bokko (僕っ子) refers to female characters who use the masculine pronoun “boku” in Japanese, which typically means “I” for men. It’s often seen in tomboyish or gender-neutral characters, adding depth and complexity to their personalities. This linguistic choice reflects themes of gender exploration in Japanese media.

Q&A – Frequently Asked Questions

I will write here all the questions that you generally ask along with their answers. So, feel free to ask your questions in the comments.

Q: Is it possible to unlock all the H-scenes?
A: Yes, you can unlock all the H-scenes by activating the lever situated in the northwest corner of the recollection room right from the beginning of the game.

Q: Is it possible to avoid NTR ?
A: Yes, you can avoid them by activating the NTR Safe Mode in the options menu. However, starting from the 3rd day, events with NTR elements may occur. If you find them distressing or uncomfortable, it’s recommended to enable the NTR Safe Mode.

Walkthrough – Days Passed: 0

After completing the initial conversation events and gaining the ability to move, interact with the bed twice to end the first day.

The next day, you’ll begin exploring the village. Exiting the house unlocks the map feature. Head to the main street and inspect the path leading north to the forest to find something to cut the ivy. Move from the main street to the western area near the library and attend the first event at the Aihara residence. After the event, speak with Aihara to obtain the “Sickle.”

Return to the ivy-covered location on the main street with the sickle to access the outskirts of the village. Investigate the cave at the northern shrine to access the “Hinori’s Sexual Characteristics Record” for viewing.

Then select the “Return Home” command to end the day upon returning to the house.

Walkthrough – Days Passed: 1~3

Days Passed: 1

After one day has passed, you’ll gain access to the rural road and the western district. Choosing the “Return Home” command and sleeping will trigger the H-scene “First Insight“, and afterwards, you’ll be able to use the “Have It Pulled Out” command.

Days Passed: 2

After two days, the southern district will unlock. Checking the dresser at home will allow you to change clothes and venture into the forest.

Days Passed: 3

After three days have passed, speaking to Yu, who appears near your home, will grant you access to the school on the main street. From then on, it will primarily be free exploration, with the objective being to raise your adult value by observing events occurring in various locations.

Ending Branching Conditions

Female Exposure End:
Triggered when the Female Exposure Value is at 100 at the start of the next day.

Interspecies End:
Triggered when the Lust Value is at 100 at the start of the next day.

Yandere End:
NTR events occur starting from the morning after witnessing the initial event with the seed husband. For the events to proceed, when prompted with “Do you want to decrease the Female Exposure Value?” at bedtime, choosing “Yes” is necessary. Note that there are 12 stages of events, and progressing through all of them will lead to examining objects in the room to uncover Hinori’s trauma.

Normal End:
Triggered on the final day if the Adult Value exceeds 1000, and the Affection Value is less than 100, and you choose “Depart.”

Eternal End:
Automatically triggered if the Adult Value is less than 1000 on the final day. Alternatively, choosing “Stay in the village” when the Adult Value is over 1000 will also lead to this end. After the Eternal End, you can freely play without time limits, and there are several H-scenes that can only be seen in this state.

Examining the sliding doors in the bedroom allows you to freely change the seasons. Examining the hearth at home allows you to return to the timeline before reaching the Eternal End, making it easy to see the TRUE End after earning Affection and Adult Values in this mode.

Selecting sex during “Intimacy with Hinori” and ejaculating during gameplay may result in Hinori becoming pregnant with a certain probability. The morning after becoming pregnant, exploring will trigger the H-scene “Hinori Pregnancy“.

Triggered on the final day if the Adult Value exceeds 1000 and the Affection Value is 100 or more when selecting “Depart“.

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