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Hades 2: Best Witch’s Staff Builds

Hades 2: Best Witch’s Staff Builds

As you might expect from the default weapon, the Witch’s Staff is well-balanced between all styles of play, with the attack focusing on mid-range melee combat, while the special allows for simple yet strong ranged combat, aided by the omega attack spreading almost the entire width of the screen.

Poseidon’s Wave Strike or Wave Flourish are good for this weapon, as they help keep enemies at a distance, knocking back any part of the horde that’s trying to approach, plus it gives you some extra damage on your attacks/specials.

Like all weapons, your cast is invaluable. While you don’t often want to get too close with this weapon, using it to hold and then damage fast-approaching enemies will save you a lot of trouble.

Aphrodite’s Glamour Gain is essential too. Thanks to the ranged omega attacks, you will likely be using a lot of mana in every encounter and Glamour Gain gives you an easy way to constantly regenerate it mid-battle.

Outside of that, you can go down the path with whichever god you like the best. Zeus’ Blitz, Hestia’s Scorch, and Hephaestus’ Blast effects all combo great with the Witch’s Staff’s attacks and specials.

How to unlock Witch’s Staff Aspects

MelinoeDefaultChanel Omega moves X% faster
Circe5 Silver
5 Lotus
Gain Serenity after landing 21 attacks or specials
Momus2 Limestone
1 Pearl
When below 50% HP, absorb Omega Special to restore 5 HP
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