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Hades 2: Best Sister Blades Builds

Hades 2: Best Sister Blades Builds

The Sister Blades are all about close-range melee combat. They allow you to do a lot of damage very quickly while darting around the battlefield. It helps you constantly interrupt incoming attacks, you just have to be careful about constantly being in your enemy’s face.

All of Aphrodite’s boons are extremely helpful for these weapons. The weakness effect she can inflict will allow you to tear through enemies even faster than before. Plus, she has one boon that increases the damage of foes you are close to, which is perfect for the Sister Blades, as you’ll always be in close range with those you’re attacking.

The Deadelus Hammer is very valuable for the Sister Blades too, with several powerful buffs. Some of the best include Explosive Ambush which massively boosts the power of your omega attack, and Skulking Slice which boosts the damage you do to an enemy when attacking from behind, which once again boosts the omega attack, as that will let you easily slip behind a foe.

As for weapon effects, the two best options are Zeus’ Blitz or Demeter’s Freeze. Blitz works best when you’re striking many times in quick succession – which is the whole point of the Sister Blades – while the Freeze effect will give you a crucial few extra seconds before you need to dash away to dodge an incoming attack, increasing your overall damage output.

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Also keep an eye out for a fantastic combo boon with Zeus and Aphrodite, which allows you to instantly trigger Blitz when dashing into an enemy.

How to unlock Sister Blades Aspects

MelinoeDefaultBackstabs do an extra X% damage
Artemis15 Silver
1 Glassrock
While channeling Omega attack, parry and riposte enemies
Pan1 Wool
2 Shaderot
Specials seek foes within cast and fire more blades after channelling

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