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Little Kitty Big City: All Chameleon Locations (Hiding Spots)

In this guide I will put all of the locations/hiding spots for Chameleon and how to get to them!

Little Kitty Big City: All Chameleon Locations (Hiding Spots)

Finding Chameleon for the first time

To start his quest, first you must find Chameleon.

To get to him travel to the store with the carrot logo and then walk towards the stairs that are almost blocked by water, then crawl to the next garden and climb the boxes and you’ll find him on the wall.

All of Chameleon's hiding spots

All of Chameleon's hiding spots

(He should be on that wall, I forgot to screenshot)

After talking to him he will give you a clue to his next location:

“There is a place where hard has shine,
where concrete pours and diggers whine,
I’ll be camouflaged nearby.
Invisible to your weird eye.”

This will happen 8 times so get ready

Find Chameleon

The previous clue refers to the construction site near the top of the map.

How to access area if not unlocked yet

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If you found Chameleon before finding Tanuki, then you’re going to have to go on a little side quest

Near the area where Crow asked you for the 25 shinies there should be an area where you can see Tanuki stuck on a pipe, get him out and then get him 3 feathers so you can go beyond the fence and into the site.

Back to Chameleon

To find chameleon you must go behind the construction site and into the portable bathroom, he will be on the back of it

All of Chameleon's hiding spots

Again, he will give you a poem to the next location

“A metal friend with arms spread wide
Provides a place to climb and slide
But you won’t know I’m there at all
Because I’ll be invisible!”

Find Chameleon… again!

This time Chameleon will be hiding in the park behind where you talk to the Duck Dad, to get here you must give Crow the 25 shinies so you get the ability to climb vines.

Chameleon will be hiding (very badly) inside the robot slide.

This time the clue is:

“A sealed glass containing snacks
Can stop a human in their tracks
What’s better than just one machine?
A group of sox to choose between!”

Find Chameleon, Part III

This time you won’t have to look hard at all, simply turn around from where the robot is and head towards the vending machines.

All of Chameleon's hiding spots

Chameleon will be just on top of them.

“Lizards used to rule the Earth,
(And will again – just mark my words!)
But, until then, there’s World of Gecku
A store where I will…uh… now expect you?”

Find Chameleon: Episode 4

Now you must head to the store where they sell Gecku merch.

If you struggle to find it just look for the giant Gecku on top of the buildings and then find a store with a red sign on the front, you’ll know you made it since it will be full of Gecku merch.

All of Chameleon's hiding spots

Inside go behind the boxed figures and then climb up, Chameleon will be behind a bunch of figures at the very top of the store.

All of Chameleon's hiding spots
All of Chameleon's hiding spots

“So far I’ve been too merciful,
So let’s go somewhere way more vertical!
I’ll be near a rooftop garden
Past the water-wielding warden!”

Find Chameleon: 5ive!

Now you must go back to the store with the carrot and look for this specific cable bridge, i reccomend you have eaten 2-3 fish at this point just to be safe!

All of Chameleon's hiding spots

Go towards where you first found Chameleon but turn left instead of going into the garden and you’ll see it.

Then head behind the area with the machines and the railing and you’ll see these boxes.

All of Chameleon's hiding spots

Climb them and the vine all the way to the top and then cross the cable bridge towards the garden, you’ll have to climb the vines again, having 1 fish will not do so you must collect another one minimum.

All of Chameleon's hiding spots

(Keep in mind I was already here before so things might look different if this is your first time here!)

To get to Chameleon you must head right and almost walk on the railings, you can’t use the floor or the lady will spray you with water and put you back at the beggining.

After you climb the vines on the right you’ll find Chameleon on the wall next to a door.

“This rooftop was a bad idea
An alleyway will bring me cheer
Just look out for the big red bullseye
and… something something something…BYEEE!”

Chameleon 6: Find & Furious

Now you must go back to the street with the giant Gecku, you will find an alleyway with the logo described before.

To climg this first go to the truck on the right and then start making your way up by climbing the ventilators and the pipes, it might take a bit if you’re struggling with jumps but eventually you’ll make it up to him.

All of Chameleon's hiding spots

“You’ll come to the riverfront,
Where, magic-cloacked, I’ll watch you hunt.
To find me is your dearest wish…
Just don’t get sidetracked by the fish!”

Find Chameleon: Chapter 7

Head back to the veggie stand once again and head towards the area that you climbed in part 5, but go towards the river instead.

All of Chameleon's hiding spots

On the corner of the house make a sharp turn right until you see a sign, Chameleon will be stuck to it

All of Chameleon's hiding spots

The final clue is

“Besides the small convienence store
Protected by a well locked door
You’ll find a room where humans rest
And that’s where I’ll conclude this test!”

Find Chameleon 8: The Return of Chameleon

For the final place you have to go to the store with the onigiri logo and go in.

All of Chameleon's hiding spots

Climb the freezer and then jump towards the vent on the wall and go through it, you’ll end up in the bathroom where Chameleon will be on the mirror.

All of Chameleon's hiding spots

After finding him he will give you his hat!

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