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Hades 2: Best Umbral Flames Builds

Hades 2: Best Umbral Flames Builds

Umbral Flames is a weapon that requires a careful touch. It focuses entirely on ranged combat, with the attack shooting projectiles forward, and the special shooting them out in a spiral around you. You need good movement and forward-thinking to make this weapon work.

Unlike most other weapons, your special is what you should primarily rely on with the Umbral Flames. While the attack is useful due to its better range and ability to accurately aim it, the special does more damage, does a better job of protecting the immediate area around you, and you can fire up to four at once with the default attack speed.

This makes it the ideal weapon to use with a powerful cast build, as you can bait enemies into the cast area and then repeatedly unleash your special on all of them. Your best bet for this build is to try and increase your attack speed to up your damage output, but also abilities like Demeter’s Frigid Sprint are extremely useful. You’re bound to be dashing to avoid attacks and create distance a lot with this weapon, so adding a slowing effect onto anyone nearby is a huge help.

On that note, Demeter is the best god to focus on with this weapon, as the freeze effect is invaluable. When it comes to ranged attacks, getting your foe to hold still will let you reliably deal way more damage than when they’re running all over the place.

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How to unlock Umbral Flames Aspects

MelinoeDefaultOmega Special lasts X seconds longer
Moros2 Bronze
2 Tears
Attacks liger for 6 seconds after firing and explode if hit by specials
Eos2 Drifwood
2 Golden Apple
Attacks grow larger over 4 seconds and return when you sprint

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