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Hades 2: Best Argent Skull Builds

Hades 2: Best Argent Skull Builds

The Argent Skull is a strange weapon that mixes both ranged and melee attacks. Your main attack sees you fire off skulls – although you have a limited amount before you must retrieve them from the field. Your special helps with this, as it is a forward charge that deals damage you everything you hit.

Your special and omega special are what you should focus on building up with this weapon as they have the greatest damage-dealing potential – although having the ranged option with the skulls is great, so don’t neglect them. That said, with your charge, you’ll often end up close to your foes, so a powerful cast wouldn’t go amiss either – boons like Aphrodite’s Rapture Ring would help you keep foes together for a second charge.

Anything that speeds up your attacks, or your channeling time is especially good for the Argent Skull, as while the omega special is powerful, it leaves you vulnerable for a while as it channels, and once you’ve executed it. That’s why, alongside a good cast, a boon that enhances your sprint, like Demeter’s Frigid Sprint is very helpful.

How to unlock Argent Skull Aspects

MelinoeDefaultAttacks are improved by X power per spent shell
Medea4 Iron
1 Nightshade
Attacks explode in a larger area upon impact, attack and special damage +20%
Persephone1 Moss
5 Poppy
Damage dealt generates Glory, with enhances your Omega Special
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