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Hades 2: Best Moonstone Axe Builds

Hades 2: Best Moonstone Axe Builds

The Moonstone Axe is all about slow but powerful strikes, it has a large arc in its swing and hits harder than any other weapon in the game.

Once again Poseidon’s Wave Strike combos well with this weapon, specifically its omega attack which sees you repeatedly spin around with your axe. If you use the Wave Strike to knock enemies away from you then you can repeatedly combo this move over and over, as the distance created negates the long charge time.

Building up your cast is especially important to making this weapon work. With so many long wind-ups for attacks, holding your opponent in place and potentially nuking them with omega casts and omega attacks at the same time is a potent combo. Try to add extra damage options onto your cast like Zeus’ lightning or Demeter’s freeze.

As for what to attach to your weapon, go as big and bold as possible. Scorch can help you out, but we say take Hephaestus’ Blast effects to maximize the carnage and AoE effects on this weapon.

How to unlock Moonstone Axe Aspects

MelinoeDefaultRecover from attacks and specials X% faster
Charon5 Pearls
1 Obol Point
Cast duration increased by 3 seconds and erupts if hit by Omega Special
Thanatos3 Glassrock
1 Dark
Hitting Omega Moves increases crit rate by 1% (up to 4%), reverts when you take damage
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