MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE – Every Story Mode Secret Items

MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE - Every Story Mode Secret Items

You can find every secret objective here to unlock awesome cosmetics for your characters! Some of these Objectives are pretty difficult, so please take your time with those. Hero Side (No.0-27) Secret Items: Mission 0: / Mission 1: K.o the opponent Mission 2: Finish the opponent with a Plus Ultra attack Mission 3: / Mission 4: K.o the opponent Mission … Read more

MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE – Assist Cooldown Times

MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE - Assist Cooldown Times

Information about each assist in the game. Introduction Assists (or Sidekicks) are methods for bringing in your secondary characters directly into the fight. After an assist is called-in, they will perform their move or function. Once they are done (either by performing their action or being interrupted) they will leave the fight and enter a … Read more