Potion Craft: A collection of (best) starter recipes

Potion Craft A collection of (best) starter recipes

This guide is a collection of starting receipes, which also points out the lowest cost receipes for every effect by being sorted by cost. Effects from this guide: Healing, Poisoning, Light, Frost, Fire, Mana, Sleep, Fast Growth, Lightening, Slow down, Magical Vision, Rich harvest, Stone Skin, Explosion. (maybe I will add others later) The cost … Read more

Potion Craft: Water and Oil Maps (v1.0)

Potion Craft Water and Oil Maps (v1.0)

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator – Water & Oil Maps from latest update (with TP & Rotation for v1.0). Water Map Water Map TP Water Map Rotations Full Water Map Oil Map Oil Map TP Oil Map Rotations Full Oil Map

Potion Craft: Potions for Alchemy Machine

Potion Craft Potions for Alchemy Machine

Overview [This part is still Under Construction until I have more time to write] For right now I will be uploading my current potions for each of the Alchemy Machine stones. These potions are by no means the most efficient paths but they work for my current playthrough and getting stones made. I will be … Read more

Potion Craft: Potion Tiers List

Potion Craft Potion Tiers List

Readers Beware: This book is poisoned and will kill any who attempt to read it without permission! You have been warned! Second note: Currently on Potion Tiers 1 to 3, more will be added soon Tier One Potions Healing Potion – One Waterbloom, One Weirdshroom “Grind up one Waterbloom and mix, then half-grind a Weirdshroom. … Read more