Rogue Lords: Early Game Compositions (Pre-Baron Samedi)

Rogue Lords Early Game Compositions (Pre-Baron Samedi)

I wanted to share some party compositions that worked for me pretty well in the early game, in hopes that it might give others direction. I have found that focusing on one damage type has led to more success then trying to maintain a balance of damage types, therefore these comps will keep that principle … Read more

Rogue Lords: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Rogue Lords Tips and Tricks for Beginners

General tips and tricks Rogue Lords can be an unforgiving game, and I find the difficulty curve to be a bit inverted since your starting party isn’t that great. So you might have a rough time the first time you play. Here’s some stuff I noticed works. 1: Always go for terror. Each terror level … Read more

Rogue Lords Character Builds for Infernal

Rogue Lords Character Builds for Infernal

A summary of some characters roles, and suggested skill/artifact focuses for handling Infernal difficulty. Will fill in more characters later. Dracula Dracula is one of the starting characters, and is an early game powerhouse due to his starting skillset and teamwide recharge. His kit is based around his Survival Instincts mechanic, which double casts certain … Read more