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Take Me To The Dungeon DoT + Shield Endgame Deck

An all rounder build to quickly breeze through the game with tons of damage and survivability.

Take Me To The Dungeon DoT + Shield Endgame Deck

DoT + Shield Endgame deck



Very straightforward build.

How to use:

  1. Flames of Illusion
  2. If poison stack <19, use Fireball or Heart Piercer to get poison stacks right below 25. (or below 20 if you are using the 5x Poison Bite)
  3. Use Poison Bite to get 4x (or 5x) poison stacks. You don’t want to trigger the 100 stack poison.
  4. Use Fireball/Heart Piercer/New Moon to get poison stacks closer to 100 without triggering it.
  5. Use Spirit Break then Dark Flames if facing multiple enemies.
  6. Use Nothingness to remove poison stacks and get a lot of armor.
  7. (optional) Use Rest (the card) if you’re about to discard or have debuffs.
  8. (optional) Use Shield Bash if you need the damage spike. Otherwise, just discard and repeat.

Goal: High poison stacks spread around and feed into Nothingness shield stacks.

Discard Priority:

  • 1) Heart Piercer – More bleed stacks per attack if enemy has no armor
  • 2) Fireball – More burn stacks per attack
  • 3+) Rest/Spirit Break/Dark Flames or Use your judgement

Treasure to Prioritize:

  • First Claw – Very useful. Makes Dark Flames and Shield Bash do more damage.
  • New Year’s Card – Avoid death once. Always useful.
  • Mutated Bracelet – Increases super effective damage. Synergizes with First Claw
  • Dragonscale Armour – Extra bleed stacks when enemies attack.
  • Blood Ring – At Lv6 it effectively doubles your bleed damage and gives it a burn-like proc before the enemy attacks.
  • Ignition Powder – Burn stacks decrease less per turn.
  • Spiked Club – Bleed stacks decrease less per turn.
  • Infernal Crystal – Increases burn damage. Useful but not high priority.
  • Mutated Armor – +2 armor per turn. Always useful.
  • [Rest action related] Armor of Saints / Holy Crest / Energy Crystal – Always useful.

Treasure to Consider:

  • Radioactive Crystal – Non-summoned enemies start with X poison stacks. Useful if you can work around it since you can also more easily proc 100 stack power poison with Spirit Break on groups if you want.
  • Toxic Heart – Increases stack requirement past 100 to hit power poison. Useful for getting more armor and poison damage if you can work around it.
  • Mutated Scroll II – +1/2 extra stacks. Extremely useful as long as you can always get 80+ stacks of poison after a Poison Strike. Consider prioritizing this every run if you can do the math on poison stacks.
  • Mutated Great Sword / Dagger / Wand / Wooden Shield – free damage or armor is nice but not necessary.
  • (Everything else) – It’s probably gonna help a little.

Treasure to Avoid:
Emperor’s New Clothes – Very bad for your armor.
Expired Meds – No synergy and slowly depletes your armor

Hot Spring Item:
Always pick Egg. You should rarely take health damage.

A neat extra tip:
Discard effects from Fireball and Heart Piercer persist as long as you pick the 2nd rest option (no health restoration but get all discarded cards back). You can also discard for free at the mid-boss.

Additional thoughts and card considerations:

  • Why New Moon? Low base cost and has 5 slots to have 2 DoTs plus Replicant. Also small micro-optimization for having more than 1 green damage for mimic battles.
  • Why Rest? Replicant makes it reduce the next two cards to 0 cost.
  • Why not use Replicant on Nothingness? More control over removing poison stacks. Also very funny if you proc Surplus multiple times in a row.
  • Extender Defender – Could be useful when you already have hundreds of shield stacks from Nothingness. Maybe replace one of Heart Piercer/Fireball/New Moon
  • Treasure Bag (2x A Posteriori Rune, Disperse Rune) – Could be useful to discard and just keep repeating End Turns without discarding.
  • Why not Poison Strike for its discard effect? Read the description. It’s Follow-up attacks only.
    Thunder/Seduce/Avalanche – Could be helpful.
  • Poison Bite – Consider using another innate rune to get 5x poison instead of Surplus or Bleed Rune but it increases the cost.

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