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5 Ultimate Builds in Battle Brothers

This guide will teach you about how to specialize the most luxurious bros you find.

1. The pen-ultimate Tank

5 Ultimate Builds

Ideal recruits for this role are: Peddlers, Gladiator Origin Bear.

This “ultimate Tank” doesn’t even need talent in meele defense, as it is the Bear from the gladiator origin.
Take every good mdef roll. Take every good HP roll. Take every good INI roll. Take some Fat rolls now and then.
The perks are designed to rarely get hit and be able to take unlimited hits.

Nimble-forged combines several defensive perks into one big wall of synergizing unkillableness.

By going Nimbleforged you keep Fat and INI high, so you dont need to lvl Fat so much, you can get easy 5-15 mdef from dodge. You take Steel Brow, freeing up the head to wear ultra light headgear.
Recovery to keep you in the fight and keep dodge useful. Taunt, underdog and shield spec are no brainers.
With the right gear your omega tank will have 46% Nimble DR and BF 23% Armor DR.

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Best Traits are Deathwish and Iron Jaw for the occasional hit not fazing this guy at all.

Double Shield to switch once the 1st starts giving. Smoke Bomb for the 1% Chance of things getting dicy.

This guy can literally hold 6 chosen for prolonged turns and will not waiver.

2. The Horrifying Cripple Gun-Sergant

5 Ultimate Builds

This Seagant Build combines High Resolve with the AoE nature of the Gun.

Crippling Strikes, Overwhelm and Fearsome to spread 20 debuffs at once, winning some fights in literally one shot.

General Seargant build otherwise, Steelbrow, dodge and Nimble to benefit from light armor.

Take every good INI, Resolve and Ranged attack roll.

3. The Desert Whirlwind Hybrid

5 Ultimate Builds

Best Recruit for this: Ranged Nomad

Take all the good Atk and Ratk rolls and all the good INI rolls.

Dodge, Overwhelm, Collossus, Nimble obvious synergy.

Relentless on top of Iron lungs means he stays in fighting shape.

Sword Mastery and Crippling Strikes to make him a beast slayer, gashin even Lindw├╝rmer.

4. The Cleaver duelist DPS God

5 Ultimate Builds

Ideal backgrounds: Wildmen, Hedgeknights, Barbarians.

Take all the mdef and matk rolls. Take all the good fatigue, HP and Resolve rolls.

He needs brawny and BF to offset the Huge trait.

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Cleaver duelist for Whip usefulness.

Berserk-Recover KF Executioner DPS synsergy.

5. The Vanguard Hammer

5 Ultimate Builds

The Vanguard Hammer does not look to DPS like the Cleaver duelist.

He looks to be safe to put into dangerous positions, while also being able to inflict heavy damage.

Take Mdef, Matk and Fat & HP.

Perks revolve around Reach Advantage and Underdog. Rotation dog when things get dire.
Pathfinder to remain fat-neutral. QH for obvious utility.

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