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7 Days to Die A21: Trader Rush Guide

A straight forward Intelligence build for intermediate level players. Requires understanding of stealth mechanics.

7 Days to Die A21: Trader Rush Guide

To use this guide and it’s contents, you need to understand the basics of stealth.

Reccomended Gear

  • Frame shapes (For nerd poles & ladders)
  • Bow/xbow+ammo (For stealth clearing missions)
  • Nerdy Glasses (Get this ASAP)
  • Cigar (additional discount)
  • Suit shirt/pants (For 5% dmg reduction)
  • Light Armour (Easier to stealth clear missions)
  • A .44 pistol/desert vulture (For additional discount)
  • Drone (For additional storage space)

Day By Day Walkthrough

Day 1:

  • Do starting quest & put 1 point in healing factor, pain tolerance, cardio, daring adventurer
  • Make abt 30-50 stone arrows
  • On Navesgane, head to Hugh & make crafting base on roof of Shotgun Messiah. Take ur time to clear this location. If coop, convince team to setup crafting base here before starting the game.
  • On random gen maps, head to nearest trader or your group’s nearest trader.
  • Complete atleast 2 quests on Day 1

Day 2:

Continue questing, rush quests, getting main loot & skipping locked boxes unless lockpicks are available.
Get lv2-3 daring adventurer.

  • If you are struggling, consider lv1 physician & lv1 From The Shadows.
  • Lv1 Physician will heal wounds 15% faster & instantly cure sprains
  • From The Shadows will cause mobs to hunt for you & give u time to put a few more shots in.

Aim to complete T1 quests and start doing T2 quests. Select Infestation missions if possible for additional rewards.

Day 3-6

  • Max out daring adventurer and better barter
  • Go to various traders and to buy/sell items & building materials
  • Aim to have T3 or T4 quest completion

Day 7 & Onwards:

  • Use water treatment facility for 1st and maybe 2nd horde night (minimal investment)
  • Try to gain some levels during horde night
  • Get a minibike or motorbike
  • Max out daring adventurer and better barter
  • Max out Salvage Operations & Lucky Looter, salvage any vehicles u see and sell the scrap for dukes.
  • Spec in whatever makes questing/base building easier for you.
  • Get to T5 quest completion
  • Decide if you should continue questing with your T5 trader or work on a new trader.
  • Build a horde base for day 14 or day 21 horde night.

Suggested Item Hotkey

  • 1 – Melee or Pump/Auto Shotgun
  • 2 – SMG w drum mag or Pistol w Full-Auto & Ext Mag
  • 3 – SMG w drum mag or Pistol w Full-Auto & Ext Mag
  • 4 – Pistol w Silencer
  • 5 – Crossbow/Bow
  • 6 – Axe or Wrench/Ratchet/Impact Driver)
  • 7 – Molotov/explosive of choice
  • 8 – Healing
  • 9 – Vehicle
  • 10 – Frame Shapes
  • Sneak w bow/xbow and switch weapons using scroll wheel as needed.
  • Switch to molotov/explosive before triggering POI traps
  • Slots 1/2/3 are panic buttons. Swap melee for a pump/auto shotgun asap.
  • Build is ammo efficient & can clear most POIs w 300 9mm, 100 buckshot, 50 arrow/bolt, 10 molotov. You’ll pick up more than you can use.


  • Try not to stay at base for too long, you should be trading or questing.
  • Keep .44 magnum/desert vulture in chest/drone to free up inventory and hit the traders on reset day.
  • By Day 7 you should have atleast 20k+ dukes.
  • You are subject to RNG. Lots of RNG.
  • Plan ahead and hit the traders on reset day. This will give you approx 2~2.5 days to do quests before the next reset.

Key Items to Buy

Some key items to look out for or buy especially if you solo.

  • Wood/Cobblestone/Cement Mix
  • Honey (Cheaper than antibiotics)
  • Food & Vitamins (Vitamins can be used to prevent infection & consume murky water or shamwich.
  • Skill/Crafting Books/Schematics (Especially for your preferred weapons/armours)
  • Forged Steel/Iron
  • Coal/Fuel

Best Quests for Solo Play


Fetch quests are quick, simple and easy.
Some POIs can be cheesed by breaking a single block to access the hidden satchel.
This gives you the option to quickly move on especially if you are close to completing a quest tier.


Available from Tier 2 rep w traders. These quests have an additional rewards chest near the end of the POI. Assuming distance from trader is the same, it’s often worth taking infestation missions for the additional rewards.

Clear the area:

Simple, available from T1. Rewards arent as good as infestation.

Best Quests for Co-op Play

These are the better missions to choose due to simplicity. Fetch missions are not recommended due to fetch quest items spawning in different locations for different players.

Last but not least, if your team has 4 or more players, It’s generally better to split into smaller groups of 2-3 otherwise there won’t be enough loot. You may want to consider solo play if everyone is clearing missions in large groups.

Infestation Mission:

Clear the area but w additional rewards.


Same as before, simple but less rewards than Infestation.

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