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7 Days to Die How to Fix Your FPS (+/- 60 FPS)

Today I’m going to explain how to get a better FPS (+/- 60 FPS) for 7 Days to Die. So this game is still in Alpha, so it’s not that well-optimized. You probably play it at 30 FPS and constantly get lower FPS (8, 10, 20 FPS) and I’ve seen a lot of guides, yet couldn’t really found a good one. After a lot of testing, finally… I present to You my guide to get a better FPS and even if Your FPS will drop sometimes, it mostly won’t drop below 30 FPS (+/- 40 FPS for me).

So, let’s just get into it!

7 Days to Die How to Fix Your FPS (+/- 60 FPS)

There are 2 steps you need to get into, the first one is customizing your Graphic Card, and the second is customizing your game.

Customizing your graphic card

  • First, go to Your Graphic Card Control Panel (NVIDIA for Me).
  • Select “Manage 3D Settings” and select “Program Settings”, press “Add” and choose “7 Days to Die”.
  • On the “Select the Preferred Graphics Processor for This Program”, choose “High-performance NVIDIA Processor”.
  • Change the “Maximum Pre-rendered Frames” to “4”.
  • Change the “Power Management Mode” to “Prefer Maximum Performance”.
  • Change the “Threaded Optimization” to “On”.
  • Change the “Vertical Sync” to “On”.

Customizing your game

  • In the game menu, select “Options”, and then select “Video”.
  • Turn off Your “V-Sync”, “Reflection Quality”, and “Motion Blur”.
  • Uncheck Your “Reflected Shadows”, “SSAO”, “DOF”, and “Sun Shafts”.
  • You can keep “Texture Quality” to “Full Size” and “Water Quality” to “High” if You want to.
  • Change Your “UMA Texture Quality” and “Tree Quality” to “Middle”.
  • Change Your “View Distance” to “10”, “Field of View” to “70”, and “LOD Distance” to “50%”.
  • Keep “Gamma” at “75%”, but change the “Water Particles” to “25%”

Now, open up “7 Days to Die”, join Your game, and press “F8” to check your FPS. It should be around 60 FPS (can get down to 40 FPS and more than 80 FPS). Only at very rare case, it’ll drop to below 10 FPS, but again, very rare case. I’m testing My method with “Acer Predator Nitro 5 AN515-51 Core i5-7300 HQ”.

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Written by Ino Macellino

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  1. What version of the game is this based on? I looked at this on Alpha 20 (b238) and found more than 1/2 of the instructions are not there. I also have the Nvidia card. I have been wanting to try and “unlock” the FPS limit on my system as it never goes above 60fps.


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