A Short Hike Cheats & Console Commands

A Short Hike Cheats & Console Commands

Cheats for A Short Hike.

Hike, climb, and soar through the peaceful mountainside landscapes of Hawk Peak Provincial Park as you make your way to the summit.

A Short Hike Cheats & Console Commands

Hey! Since this is a single player game it should be okay to reveal the cheats in this game. Some may be neat for speed-running or experimenting, some are fun to try out after you finished the game.

First be sure to enable cheat codes by writing the following command on your keyboard:

  • cheatsplz

You should see a little toast in the upper left corner afterwards.

Besides the cheat codes I enlisted here, I’ve found some that seem to be used for development which I omitted from this guide as they don’t offer much.

CAUTION: There are leaderboards for the beachstickball game and the races. Some cheats disable participation for the particular save file you’re playing on. You can make a backup of your save file by going to “%appdata%/../LocalLow/adamgryu/A Short Hike” and creating a copy of the file “GameSaveNew.mountain”.

A Short Hike

Gameplay Cheats

Keyboard commandDescription
restoreplzrestore feather energy (caution: will disable leaderboard participation!)
imstuckplzteleport to aunt
fishplztoggle faster fishing

Rendering Cheats

User Interface

Keyboard commandDescription
fpsplztoggle fps counter display
speedrunplztoggle speed run clock display
hideuiplzhide user interface
showuiplzshow user interface

Rendering settings

Keyboard commandDescription
15fpsplzset maximum fps to 15 and disable vsync
45fpsplzset maximum fps to 45 and disable vsync
lowresplzrender with a width of 480
midresplzrender with a width of 622
highresplzrender with the width of the current display

Cinema mode

Cinema mode let’s you rotate the camera freely. The controls for keyboard and controller are different.

Keyboard commandDescription
cinemaplzenable cinema camera

Item Cheats

Keyboard commandDescription
featherplzget a golden feather
nopeplzremove one golden feather
sunhatplzget a sun hat
coinsplzget 50 coins
shellsplzget 14 shells
shovelplzget a shovel
shoesplzget running shoes
greedyplzget all items once (just one fish) (caution: will disable leaderboard participation!)
allfishplzget a fish of each species

Secret Achievements

Written by Guzi

How to get 2 secret achievements in A Short Hike.

Remember This Day Forever
“Get the commemorative hat.”

To unlock this achievement, you have to score 30 points or more in a game called “Beachstickball”.

You can find this game on a beach by going north from the probably abandoned building.

“Eat a piece of toast.”

To unlock this achievement you have to eat the infamous local dish “Strawberries and Toast”. (You only get a Toast, because they are out of strawberries)

To get this “infamous dish” you have to talk to the guy who gave you Golden Feathers and Provincial Park Hat at 5PM after reading the Hawk Peak Provincial Park sign first!

Tip: You don’t have to wait for 5PM, you can just change your Windows time.

Written by nakami

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