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ADIOS Amigos – Tips and Tricks

There is a lot to learn in ADIOS Amigos. This is a community-driven compilation of what we have learned.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can ‘weld’ open certain doors on space stations. The top right door/port looks like glass. Grab onto this and hold ‘b’ to open it. There is no cost to do this.

  • In larger space stations there is usually a large Duracell-looking battery. Using your jetpack you can ram into it to dislodge it. Drag it out to your ship for some serious fuel.
  • You can tell what planets you have visited by looking at their orbit line. There is a slight color change.
  • If you want to have long-term success, you are going to need to rely heavily on using the fast-forward button instead of fuel. Just point in the right direction and let time take you there.
  • Ram into the head of the squid if he won’t let go of you.
  • Use the right stick to point the flashlight.
  • Understand that your hat is a weight, so use it on low gravity planets.
  • Any piece of technology (ie. satellites, etc.) that is blinking can give fuel when attach to it. Further, if you repair it first (for free with ‘b’ button), you will get a ton more fuel out of it, plus an Achievement.
  • To see what an item does, check the master list in the main menu. Too bad we can’t access this in-game though.
  • Embrace getting good at scanning shiny things in asteroid belts. While it can seem like a waste of fuel, you really rack up points with those things.
  • When exploring space stations, you will learn very quickly to try to get around by only walking on walls. Conserve that jetpack fuel.
  • Planets with a ring of dust around them are high gravity planets. Thanks Misery!
  • Be mindful and actively manage your zoom. Toggle between auto and manual frequently. Thanks Misery!
  • Spikes hurt you, but not your ship. Thanks Misery!
  • Touching thruster buttons when inside a space station is a good way to ruin your run. Thanks Misery!
  • Don’t forget that you can get a new hat anytime by simply re-entering and exiting your ship. Thanks Misery!
  • You can scan the sun for 1k points, and black holes for 2k.
  • There are space rocks that look like a cookie with 3 round gems. Latch onto it and ‘weld’ it with the ‘b’ button to mine the contents.
  • Signs floating in space are essentially keys to making the next galaxy a ‘secret’ galaxy. Just touch the sign with your spaceman and when you move to the next galaxy, it will take effect.
  • Regarding temperature. Heat hurts you but so far it seems like cold does not. Thanks Misery!
  • Your jetpack does dip out of your fuel stock, but any remaining when you return goes back into the fuel pool. Thanks Misery!
  • “The version of ZING navigation computer installed in the ship will have an effect on the behaviour of your Z-jumps.

Ships featuring the ZING 2.0 (like the utility vessel and family vessel) will spawn you in a (safe) orbit. Where as ships with an older ZING version will simply keep your momentum (and direction) from when you activated the Z-jump in the previous solar system.” Thanks dev!

Written by Ryan Dorkoski

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  1. Do you know what the “papers” from the “desks” do? I know you take them to the second planet in the last system but what do they do?


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