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All Haut-Beyleron Cartridges Locations in Farming Simulator 22 (Achievement Game On)

In this Guide we will show you the location of all 20 Game Cartridges which give you 50.000€ each and the Achievement “Game On”

Map Overview

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges

How to Collect

In order to Collect the Cartridges you have to find one and press “R” while standing in front of it.

1 – Road Race Ratooning

Road Race Ratooning – Spinnery

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-1

2 – Tractor Transport Service

Tractor Transport Service – Near Farm Shop

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-2

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-3

3 – Get off My Field!

Get off My Field! – Observatory

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-4

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-5

4 – Trap Crop

Trap Crop – South off Spinnery

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-6

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-7

5 – Harp Lifter

Harp Lifter – Farm Shop

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-8

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-9

6 – Hyper Cropping

Hyper Cropping – Castle Cave SW

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[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-10

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-11
[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-12

7- Space Cultivator 3D

Space Cultivator 3D – Castle wall

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-13

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-14

8- Caverns of Underelm

Caverns of Underelm – Castle Tower

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-15

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-16
[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-17
[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-18

9 – Mechanized Agriculture

Mechanized Agriculture – Grain Mill

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-19

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-20

10 – Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming – Field 5

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-21

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-22

11 – Wheat Gobbler

Wheat Gobbler – Town

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-23

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-24

12 – Fresh Fruit Farmers

Fresh Fruit Farmers – Roof of Bakery

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-25

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-26
[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-27

13 – Plowin’ Golf

Plowin’ Golf – south Bakery

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-28

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-29

14 – Tractor Turbo Challenge

Tractor Turbo Challenge – Field 19

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-30

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-31
[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-32

15 – Pezzt Control

Pezzt Control – Lake near Field 32

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-33

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-34

16 – Quest for The Emerald Duck

Quest for The Emerald Duck – Bridge

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-35

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-36

17 – Farm Crisis 3

Farm Crisis 3 – Park

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-37

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-38

18 – Ultimate Tomato

Ultimate Tomato – Forest South

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-39

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-40

19 – AgriPinball DX

AgriPinball DX – South East Spinnery

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-41

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-42

20 – Pasture Sovereign

Pasture Sovereign – West of Saw Mill

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-43

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-44

Well done

After Collecting all Cartridges you will receive the Achievement “Game on

[SPOILER] Haut-Beyleron Cartridges-45

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