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Armello – Quick Tips

A collection of short, quick tips to understand Armello better!


This is the collection of small tips I learn by playing the game. I haven’t actually play that much, so this is by no mean an in-depth guide, but I believe these can allow newer player to greatly enjoy the game!

Quick Tips

Hold the AP Boosters
Certain cards grant you immediate bonus to AP, such as Strategy and Hot Wine Rod. They are special because they can override a very powerful rule; that Palace Perils immediately set the infiltrator’s AP to 0. With these cards, you can win in the same turn you enter the palace! Safe from the fact that your foes will try hard to get you away before you take your next turn. Note that Haste spell is not considered an AP Booster.

Spend Your Magic
Your magic is a regenerating resource, try to use it before next dusk begins.

Fill Your Equipment and Followers
An empty card space is a sad card space.

Remember Your Clan Affinity
Capitalize on your clan affinity as much as you can; they work both on battle and on peril!

If You are Corrupted, Avoid Stone Circles
I tend to forget this a ton: stepping into stone circle when you are corrupted will guarantee to vaporize (and humiliate) you!

Value Shield Symbol Differently
By default, 3 out of 6 dice outcome is an attack and only one is defense. Mutual slaying is best avoided. If your Health is low, better invest on some defensive gear and hold some Shield cards.

Be The Prestige Leader
It’s great being a prestige leader, mainly because you can choose rule that harm you the least. Having an opponent swaps hands while you are holding a Strategy is a big bummer.

Avoid Dying
Dying is a huge setback, as you become unable to influence the board. Although on some occasion when a mission is near your home, you can intentionally “mutual slay” someone to teleport back to the clan ground.

If You are a Weak against Peril, Value Quest Highly
If you have low Wits and Spirit, try hard to finish the quest, so you can bypass the palace’s Peril.

Be Wary of not Having Enough Peril Dice
Most perils needs three symbols – if you only have 2 Spirit and not in affinity, blundering into a spell peril is the same as auto-failing it.

You can Push Foes into Peril
If you win the combat, the enemy will try to retreat to a tile immediately behind them. If there’s a peril there, they will immediately suffer it without making a dice roll.

Be Safe with Evade
Speaking of retreat, if you are avoiding, you will try to get into a tile next to the attacker if possible, maintaining your travel pace!

Use Scout to Prevent Enemy from Evading
Scout will prevent enemies from using the evade mechanic. Look for items or Trickeries that can provide you with one to catch an annoying enemy!

Use Banish As Means of Teleportation
For a low spirit hero especially, Banish can be a true blessing, especially after you are taking a new quest that is located on the other side of the board.

Be Wary of New Bane and Spirit Stone
When you are moving, try to notice if nearby dungeon or stone circle has effects on them. A bane or a spirit stone will appear there next dusk! If they are not clear enough, hover your mouse on them; a note will appear that shows that something will appear there next dusk.

Infiltrate the Palace During Day
If you infiltrate during the night without AP booster, King’s Guards will definitely bash you when the dawn comes.

Don’t Rush Using Temporary Stat Booster
It might be tempting to immediately use Feral (+2 fight), Evil Eye (+2 Wits), or Focus (+2 Spirit) to gain immediate resources (dices during fight, extra cards, and extra magic respectively), however, they can also be used to take on Perils and more importantly, boost your chance to get treasures from quest!

Burn Your Card on a Harmless Peril
If you feel like you won’t get anything from card you currently hold and you take a “harmless” peril, burn those cards so you can get replacement!

Value the Reliable Short Sword
Speaking of getting rid of a difficult-to-use card. This item is a very good way to burn those Rot cards!

Try to React and Anticipate
Instead of throwing all your cards during your turn, make a fast turn and hold your cards; after an enemy move, you can react or anticipate its movement with your cards. If needed, you can push your plan further the next time you get your turn again.

Try to Play Your Turn Fast
By playing your turn fast, you give your opponents less time to plan and react!

Know Cards Rarity
Don’t rely too much on drawing a rare or unique cards. Also, cards are not shuffled unless the prestige leader take the Rule to shuffle decks.

When Battling King, Try to Burn a Ton
As King converts missed dice into his, it’s a good idea to burn any beneficial card you have to minimize the chance of losing to those dices.

Written by indraf

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