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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – A Family’s Legacy Quest Walkthrough

A Family’s Legacy Quest Walkthrough

  • As Kassandra, head to the Minoan Ruins in the Thera
  • Follow the marker and loot the chest
  • Interact with the marked doorway
  • Complete the light and mirror puzzle
  • Go back to the doorway to open it
  • Head inside, continue forward, then dive down the big hole
  • Surface then climb up the walls to the glowing entryway
  • Follow the path on your left to move across the lava
  • Keep moving forward till you go into another entry way
  • Follow the path on your right to get across the lava
  • Move forward to meet Pythagoras to trigger the cutscene
  • As Layla, dive down and follow the marker
  • Move through the underwater pathways
  • Continue forward till you get to Atlantis

Follow the Light to Solve the Puzzle

You will have to follow the path of the light to check if there are any blockages stopping the light from reaching the next mirror. Destroy those with any weapon then move to the next one.

Move the Farthest Mirror Close to the Entry

There will be parts where you’ll have to move around mirrors and obstacles to clear the light’s path. In the first instance, just move the mirror farthest to the source of the light forward to clear it.

Clear the Front of the Mirror

For the second instance, you will have to move around 4 obstacles. Start by moving the one at the very end to give space to the other obstacles to be moved around.

Use Your Flashlight to Find the Underwater Path

When playing as Layla, going through the underwater paths can be a bit confusing. Scan your surroundings for openings and paths with your flashlight before moving further.

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